Romeo and Juliet – Act 2

How does act 2 begin? A prologue
Why do Romeo’s friends think that he has run away? To sulk over Rosaline
Where does Romeo see Juliet? On her balcony
What does Romeo overhear Juliet talking about? Romeo
What is Juliet worried about when she sees Romeo? He will be found and killed
By what does Romeo try to swear his love which Juliet dislikes? Moon
What decision have they made before Romeo leaves? They will get married
What is Juliet supposed to do at 9:00 the next morning? Send a messenger to Romeo
What is the mood of the opening scenes of act 2? Romantic
Where is Romeo headed at the end of scene 2? Church
Who teases Romeo the most about Rosaline? Mercutio
True or False: Romeo’s friends do not give up looking for him False
How do Romeo’s friends try to find him? Calling out Rosaline’s name
The Chorus says Romeo and Juliet are “bewitched by _____”? The charm of looks
Why does Romeo feel he cannot leave the Capulet estate? Because his heart is where Juliet lives
What did Romeo do when the Capulet’s Ball ended? He went to look for Juliet
One of the most classic and important scenes of Romeo and Juliet took place in act 2. Where did this iconic scene take place? Juliet’s balcony and garden
What was Romeo willing to do to have Juliet’s love? He was willing to change his name
What kind of person is Romeo? He changes his mind very quickly
Someone called out for Juliet while she was in her room. Who is this person? Her nurse
In scene 2, what does Romeo wish for, as he watches Juliet lean her cheek on her hand? To be the glove upon her hand
To which of the following does Romeo NOT compare Juliet, as he gazes at her window? A million wildflowers
What does Juliet reveal that Romeo overhears? That their families are bitter enemies
Who interrupts Romeo and Juliet’s private conversation? The nurse
Why does Juliet ask Romeo to NOT swear on the moon, regarding his love for her? The moon is always changing and therefore unreliable
What is the first thing Romeo does in Act II? Romeo leaves the party
Why won’t Romeo answer his friends when they call him? He is too concerned about his love for Juliet
Why does Juliet confess her love for Romeo while he is in the garden listening? She does not know he is there
When Juliet’s nurse and Romeo are talking, what do Romeo’s friends do? They are making fun of the nurse
How many scenes are in act 2? 6
When the nurse returns, what does she do before telling Juliet Romeo’s response? She stalls to get Juliet’s attention
In what scene are Romeo and Juliet married in? 6
What is in Friar Laurence’s basket? Plants and flowers
What does Friar Laurence say about his medicine? It can be both healing and harmful
Why does Romeo look so bedraggled? He has been up all night
What assumption does Friar Laurence make, based on Romeo’s appearance? He has been with Rosaline and been sinning
Why does Friar Laurence agree to marry Romeo and Juliet so hastily? He wants to put an end to the war between the feuding families
Who has challenged Romeo to a dual? Tybalt
What does Romeo say his servant will bring to the nurse? A rope ladder
What do Romeo’s friends tease him about? His love for Rosaline
Why has the nurse been looking for Romeo? To find out the details about where and when Juliet is to meet him
True or False: Romeo’s friends feel certain he will be the victor in the upcoming dual False
For what is Juliet waiting, which is long overdue? The return of the nurse
True or False: The Nurse approves of Juliet and Romeo’s pending nuptials True
For what reason or reasons does the Nurse say she is withholding news from Romeo? She is too tired and too hot
Where does the Nurse ask Juliet to go to? To “shrift,” or confession
Where does the Nurse say Romeo is waiting for Juliet? At church
True or False: Romeo momentarily reconsiders the marriage after listening to the friar’s concerns False
Juliet tells Romeo her great love cannot equal half of her ____? Wealth
What is Friar Laurence afraid the future will bring? Sorrow
Where are Romeo and the friar waiting for Juliet? In Friar Laurence’s cell (or private room)
What advice does the friar give Romeo regarding love? Love moderately

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