Romeo and Juliet Act 2

Quote and restate Romeo’s metaphor involving Juliet. “It is the East and Juliet is the sun.” Juliet lights up his world. Juliet sustains his life. she gives his life meaning.
In Scene II, the play begins to explore the meaning of identity. Explain how. Your name doesn’t define you. Romeo and Juliet are willing to give up their names to be with each other.
When Juliet speaks about “light love” or her “light” behavior, what does she mean by the word “light”? she feels she is too easy; this isn’t her normal behavior
What “stony” limits, besides the orchard wall, separate the young lovers? How do they dismiss these obstacles? Romeo flew over the walls with wings of love; their feuding families; change their names; secret marriage; Romeo is “armored” by his love for Juliet
What troubles Juliet about the arrangement she makes with Romeo? she doesn’t know what excuse to use; doesn’t know if Romeo is going to agree; “The nasty”, too “rash” and quick to marry
In addition to describing the qualities and dangers of herbs, Friar Laurence also compares to those in humans. What is the main idea of this soliloquy? there is good and bad in everyone. bad things can have a good purpose if the right person sees it.
Why does the Friar claim Romeo is fickle? Marriage is slower; Not long enough to get over Rosaline; Romeo is falling for looks
Why, in view of this opinion regarding Romeo’s feelings, does the Friar agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? Friar wants Romeo to go through trial and error; Trying to prevent Romeo from being fickle; Wouldn’t wait to have sex; to end the feud between the two families
Mercutio calls Tybalt “more than Prince of Cats,” a reference to a character in an animal story. In what ways is Tybalt more dangerous than the fictional “Prince of Cats”? What might this image foreshadow? Tybalt is a skilled fighter so he can kill someone; betray Romeo
What is the setting to Scene V? What effect does the juxtaposing these short, varied scenes have on the drama? Capulet’s Orchard; Juliet and the Nurse are talking about Romeo. Rash and sudden; Relationship between Romeo and Juliet is moving quickly
What is Shakespeare’s purpose in the delaying tactics of the Nurse? suspense; humor; Nurse doesn’t want Juliet to marry Romeo: wants Juliet to get to know Romeo: anxious Juliet
How do Romeo and Friar’s viewpoints on love differ? Romeo wants to jump right in; Romeo is falling for looks according to Friar; Juliet is a rebound to Rosaline; Romeo -Puppy love
What does the Friar’s warning against the intensity of their feelings foreshadow? someone is going to die; rational choices; the relationship can break and fall apart just as quickly as it started

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