Romeo and Juliet Act 2

briefly summarize the chorus their love is going to be tough going to be tough, but it is worth it
where does Romeo go to get away from Mercutio and Benvolio the orchard behind the wall in Juliet’s house
what does Mercutio say to lure Romeo back to the group stuff about Rosaline
what does Romeo compare Juliet to the sun
what does Romeo compare Juliet’s eyes to 2 stars
what does Romeo wish he were a glove upon Juliet’s hand
when Juliet speaks out loud, what is she wishing for that Romeo wasn’t a Montague
according to Juliet, what is a name a label that claims something
what is Juliet asking Romeo to do for her give up his name
is Romeo won’t do what she asks, what will she do give up her name
why is Romeo hesitant to tell her who he is he doesn’t want her to hate him because of his name
what warning does Juliet give to Romeo that if the guards see him they will kill him
according to Romeo, how was he able to get over the high orchard wall he flew on loves wings
how did Romeo find out where Juliet’s balcony was love showed him the way
why should Juliet be embarrassed she’s embarrassed about the things she said tonight, incase he actually doesn’t love her back
what request does she make of Romeo swear on himself that he loves her
what does she think of Romeo now thinks of her that he loves her
if he thinks this, what will she do marry him
what does does she assure Romeo that she loves him
by what objects does Romeo swear his love by the moon, and himself
what doesn’t Juliet want him to swear by and why the moon, because it is inconsistent
Juliet says, “I have no joy in the contract tonight.” why does she say this it is too fast, unadvised and sudden
how much does Juliet love Romeo as much as the sea is deep
what does Romeo fear when Juliet leaves to talk to the nurse that it is all a dream and Juliet and his love aren’t real
what does Juliet wish Romeo were, and what does she fear might happen her bird, and she would pet it so much she might kill it
where is Romeo going when he leaves Juliet to talk to Friar Lawrence
in the beginning of scene 3, what time of day is it monday morning
what is the friar doing when we meet him collecting weeds
why is he collecting weeds for nourishment
when the friar looks at a certain flower, what does he say the power of this flower are poison and powerful medicine
how is this flower compared to mankind it has good and evil
where does friar lawrence think Romeo has been all night with Rosaline
where does Romeo say he has been feasting with his enemy
what favor does Romeo ask of Friar Lawrence to marry him and Juliet
according to the friar, who should Romeo love Rosaline
on what does Romeo base his love on whether the girl is beautiful or not
will the friar help Romeo yes
what warning does the friar give Romeo to slow down
where does Mercutio think Romeo has been all night with Rosaline
who has sent a letter to Romeo’s house and why Tybalt, he wants to duel
what name does Mercutio give tybalt the king of cats
for whom is the nurse looking for Romeo
why is she looking for him because she is the messenger that Juliet sent
what is the message that Romeo sends that the friar said yes and he will sneak into her room that night
when the scene 4 opens, what is Juliet’s state of mind frazzled
what time is it when the scene 5 opens monday at 12
when Juliet is talking before the nurse arrives, what is the that called soliloquy
according to Juliet, why is the nurse so slow she is old
what are the nurse’s complaints her back, neck, and head hurt, she is also tired and jostled
where should Juliet go in the afternoon the friar’s cell
where must the nurse go to lunch
the friar gives Romeo some important advice, what is it stop moving so fast
what 2 objects does the friar compare to love 1) fire and gunpowder 2) honey
what must the friar hurry and do marry them so they can be alone for their honeymoon

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