Romeo and Juliet act 1 to 3

Soliloquy Is a lengthy speech in which a character usually alone on stage express his or her though to the audience
Aside Is a brief remark by a character reveating thought or feeling to the audience unheard by other character
Monologue Like a soliqucy is a lenghty speech. However a montolage is adressed to other character or on stage not to the audience
Blank verse Lines of five stressed because in which every second syllable is stressed
Character rank Important or aristocrate character typically speak in blank verse
Reading blank verse
Dramatic foil Is a character who highlights the trait of another character through contrast
Round character Has many personality traits like a real person
Flat character Is a one-dimensional embodying only a single trait
Flag of the the performance Black: tragedyWhite: comedy Red: history
What type of audience dos the globe theater attract? It attracted uncivilized and unmanner people. Young people and people who blow off work to come to the theater.

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