Romeo and Juliet Act 1, Scene 1: The Prince’s Speech

The Prince uses a metaphor to describe the fight: he compares their rage to fire and their blood to purple fountains
How many street fights have there been between the two families? 3
According to the prince, what has caused these fights? A few words that one may have taken offense to, “bred of an airy word”
What law does the Prince make right then? Whoever engages in any more street fighting shall lose his life
Line 164: Benvolio asks Romeo “What sadness lengthens Romeo’s hours?” What is Romeo’s answer? Not having that which having makes them short
What does the term ‘unrequited love’ mean? feelings of love that are not returned
Some oxymorons Romeo used to describe how own feelings of despair brawling love, loving hate, heavy lightness, cold fire, bright smoke, sick health, feather of lead, serious vanity
Why does Romeo use so many oxymorons? To represent the contradiction of loving and not receiving the love back
According to Romeo, why does Rosaline not return his affection? She wants to stay chaste
Line 218: Benvolio figures out Rosaline has take a vow of chastity
Lines 228-229: What advice does Benvolio give Romeo to help him forget about Rosaline? “Examine other beauties, forget about her”

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