Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Quiz- Ziedler

oxymoron two contradictory words that are used together, as “original copy” or “bitter sweet”
extended metaphor explores metaphors more deeply. it isn’t one line, and isn’t just a like or as statement
foot 2-3 syllables
meter same thing as a foot
foreshadowing giving a hint or clue of something that is to come in the future, mostly dark things
example of love and hate portrayed simultaneously in Act 1 Scene 5 “my love has sprung from my only hate.”- Romeo and Juliet loving each other though their families hate each other
Gregory and Sampson Capulet servants who are goofy with each other- Gregory bites his thumb
tybalt hot tempered Capulet who is a cousin of Juliet and fights
Prince Escalus wise ruler of Verona who is angry at the fighting families and will kill who starts the next fight
Benvolio well-meaning and peaceful Montague who is Romeo’s cousin
Romeo heartsick, sensitive Montague who is the son of them
Old Capulet reactive and violent since he draws sward, old; marraige tension and only had Juliet and wants to keep her as long as he can
Capulet wife looks down on husband; wants Juliet to marry Paris
Montague violent, had to tell his wife not to hold him back
Montague wife peacemaker
Paris eager, selfish, wants to marry “hot daughter of Capulet”
servant man ignorant and can’t read
Juliet doesn’t really care about marriage at first but is willing to listen to her mother and the nurse. falls in love with Romeo
nurse is a talker, doesn’t know how to control herself, gives advice and treats Juliet like her own. had a daughter Susan and a husband who died
Mercutio Romeo’s friend, funny, excited, likes to talk, sneaker, trouble maker
inverted order “an arrangement of the elements of a sentence (as subject, predicate) that is the reverse of the usual order and is designed to achieve variety or emphasis (as in “among them were the following” “again she called”) or to indicate a question (as in “what does he say”)”
iambic pentameter unstressed, stressed pattern. 10 syllables total. EX: “But woe her gentle pair get her heart.”
lamb 2 syllables; unstressed, stressed
different classes in terms of language upper class/ common people
who spoke Petrarchan? Paris, Capulet, Lady Capulet, Montague, Lady Montague, Paris, Benvolio, Tybalt, Juliet, Romeo
who spoke more lower class the nurse and servants
why do sampson and gregory fight with the montague men in scene 1? they are fighting over whose master is better
how does Benvolio react to the fighting in scene 1? he wants to break it up and keep peace
how does tybalt react to the fight in scene 1? he wants to fight
what ended the fight in act one? prince escalus stops it saying he will kill whoever starts the next fight
why is romeo depressed? he is upset of Rosaline who doesn’t love him, even though he loves her. she took an oath of chastity.
how many kids do the Capulets have 1
what does Capulet say when Paris tells him he wants to marry Juliet? wait at least two summers she isn’t old enough. (he doesn’t want her to leave him, she is really all he has)
what does benvolio tell romeo will make him feel better? looking at other hot women
how do romeo and benviolo find out about the party a capulet servant men can’t read the name list for the capulet party and asks them for help to read it- he invites them for helping
why does romeo go to the party to see Rosaline since he read her name off the list
where does this take place? Verona, Italy
what do the nurse juliet and lady capulet have a talk about? juliet is told by her mom to look out for Pairs at the party and to think about marrying him- even though she has never really though of marriage before. the nurse and her mother tell juliet how handsome Pair is
how does tybalt recognize romeo and what does he want to do to him? how does capulet respond his vioce– he wants to kill romeo. capulet tells him to ignore it and don’t do anything about it
what happens when romeo sees Juliet for the first time he falls in love with her
what is made know to both romeo and juliet at the end of scene 5 they are from different families
mercutio’s speech is about queen mab- telling people who romeo probablly dreamed about. he claims dreams are just desires
shakespearean sonnet 14 lines, rhyme scheme, iambic pentameter, theme
usual theme of shakespearan sonnet love, exquisite wording, imagery, showy
rhyme scheme of shakeprearean sonnet ABABCDCDEFEFGG

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