Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Quiz

Where does the story take place? Verona, Italy
What kind of character is the nurse? She is a foil for Lady Capulet- She is loving and encourages Juliet to make her own choices, while Lady Capulet is stiff
What is the nurse’s purpose in the scene between Juliet and her mother? She hints at how Juliet was raised by her since she was very young, and she is more close with the nurse than her mother- She shares memories of Juliet childhood
What is the extended metaphor Lady Capulet uses to describe Paris as a potential suitor for Juliet? She describes him as a book of love- He I unbound and lacks a cover, but with Juliet as his wife, she will act as the cover and bind him
How does Juliet react to her mother’s idea of marriage? She reacts negatively, she said marriage is something that she has never dreamt of – She has no desire to get married
What does Juliet agree to do about Paris? She agrees to look at him and try to like him, but only as much as her mother will allow
What does what she do about Paris reveal about the kind of daughter she is? She is a very obedient daughter- Even though she has never thought of marriage and doesn’t want to she listens to her mother
What is revealed about the setting from Romeo’s words? He asks to carry the torch, meaning it is night because it is dark
Why does he say his line about the torch? Romeo is heavy, or sad and doesn’t want to dance, therefore he will carry the light- He wants to hold the light maybe as to feel lighter, or happier
Why does Romeo say it is a bad idea to go to the feast? Because of a dream he had
How does Mercutio react to Romeo’s dream? He says dreams are nonsense- He does not give Romeo a chance to tell his dream because he start talking about his first- He has know interest in hearing Romeo’s dream
What does Mercutio’s dream reveal about him? He likes to talk and ramble on- He is entertaining, but makes dirty jokes- He does not believe dreams can foretell future events, he is cynical and has a dark side
How do Romeo and his friends get into the party? They are wearing masks so nobody will recognize they are Montagues
Since h is masked, how does Tybalt recognize Romeo? Simply by his voice Tybalt recognizes Romeo is a Montague
How does Tybalt react to Romeo’s presence? He is extremely angry, since Romeo is a Montague and they are not allowed- He asks for his sword in order to fight him- He says it would not be a crime to kill him
How does Tybalt’s Uncle Capulet react to Romeo’s presence? He tells Tybalt to calm down and leave Romeo alone- He has heard good things about Romeo around Verona, and also does not want there to be a fight at his feast
Ultimately, what does Tybalt decide to do? He decides to listen to his uncle and he does not fight, but he says the situation will become worse between the Montagues and Capulets
What is Romeo and Juliet’s meeting structure like? A 14 lined Shakespearean sonnet
What is the metaphor used when they meet? Romeo is compared to a pilgrim who wished to rid himself of his sin and Juliet is compared to a holy shrine
Why does Benvolio draw out his sword? To stop the start before it begins and try to bring peace
How claims to hate the peace? Tybalt
What starts the fight on the street? Biting of the thumb- Kind of means middle finger
Why does Tybalt start fighting on the street? He hates peace, which Benvolio says he wants to bring- He says Benvolio is a liar because he had his sword out already- He declares the fight, so Benvolio has no choice
How long does Capulet want to wait before marrying Juliet? 2 summers
Why does Capulet want Paris to wait marrying Juliet? She is too young (When really many girls were already married and with children by her age)
Why does Peter ask Romeo and Benvolio to read the guest list? He cannot read it himself- He is illiterate
What mistake does Peter make regarding Romeo and Benvolio? He doesn’t realize or ask if they are Montagues
Why does Benvolio want Romeo to go to the feast? So Romeo will see that there are more beautiful women than Rosaline
Why does Romeo agree to go to the feast? He hopes to see Rosaline
Why is Romeo sad in the beginning? He loves Rosaline, but she does not love him back
Why does Rosaline not love Romeo? She is (Artemis) a virgin- She has declared herself chaste and to never marry
Which character shows the most authority over the nurse? Juliet
Who is the subject of Mercutio’s monologue? Queen Mab
Who is queen Mab? A fairy who is a queen but also a prostitute- The queen prostitute
Which event does Romeo foreshadow as they make their way to the feast? His own death
How do Romeo and Juliet act when each discovers whom the other is? They are both devastated

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