Romeo and Juliet Act 1 questions

PRO: In what city does this play take place? Verona
PRO: Why are Romeo and Juliet called “star-cross’d lovers”? Their families hate eachother, but they love each other and are doomed
S1: Characterize Tybalt, providing 2-3 examples of things he says or does to support your point. Bully, foil to benvolio, easily angered, hates the montagues P773 line 61
S1: Pay close attention to the Prince’s speech:What historical information does he convey?What are two important political decisions he makes? Are they sound decisions? families have power but the prince is even more powerful.If they fight again they will be killed, going to talk to each family separately, depends on your opinoin
S1: Note that the servants are speaking in prose while Benvolio, Tybalt, the Lords, the Ladies, and the Prince all speak in blank verse. What conclusions can you draw about why Shakespeare would distinguish their speech? It shows that they are royal and educated
S1: What is Romeo doing that causes his parents to worry? What kind of mood has Romeo been in lately? How will Benvolio and the Montagues get to the bottom of the situation? He has been in his room all day, crying, just down, feeling meloncholy
S1: What oxymorons does Romeo use to describe love? List a few. What does Shakespeare choose to have Romeo speak about love using oxymorons? (Hint: what are you as a reader learning about Romeo’s character and his situation?) feather of lead, cold fire, sick health, bright smoke, still waking sleep/ he is describing his love
S1: What metaphors does Romeo use for love? Choose two and explain the connotations of each. Then write a topic sentence that states Romeo’s attitude towards love. fire is like love it eventually burns out, a madness, sea full of tears, smoke
S1: In what ways is Romeo a Petrarchan lover? He believes in love at first sight, can’t get over love,
S2: Lord Capulet seems like a nice guy. After all, he doesn’t seem to be forcing Juliet into an arranged marriage, even though wealthy parents in Shakespeare’s day often did. Find three examples from his speech to Paris that prove that Lord Capulet is kind and concerned about his daughter. She should actually love him, she is too young she is only 13, in two years he thinks she will be ready, juliet is his last daughter alive and doesn’t want to give her up yet
S2: What advice does Benvolio give Romeo for dealing with his love situation? Is this good advice? Why or why not? He says there are other girls out there who are much more attracting than rosaline. Not smart to go to a capulet party it will still be forbidden love. He may just keep feeling Petrarchan love
S2: How does Romeo respond to Benvolio and what does this tell us about him? He says that he will go but doesn’t think there is anyone more beautiful than rosaline
S3: Characterize Juliet’s Nurse, looking especially at her long and repetitive speech in lines 16-48. Give 2-3 adjectives to describe her and support each adjective with something she says. Lady Capulet: Serious, awkward tension, only talks of marriage Nurse: Fun, upbeat, more of a mother-daughter relationship then her actually mother, laughing
S3: Lady Capulet uses a conceit to describe Paris. A conceit is an extended metaphor, a comparison between unlike objects or ideas in which the comparison is drawn out for an entire stanza or poem. Find the conceit and write down the comparison. What might be Lady Capulet’s motivations for describing Paris so elaborately? Lady Capulet is comparing him to a book, he is perfect just doesn’t have a wife, and he is wealthy
S3: What do you think Juliet thinks of her mother’s suggestion? Read her last lines very carefully. she doesn’t really feel the need to get married, also if she talks to paris and likes him he will try, but if she doesn’t like him she won’t try.
S4: This scene includes lots of puns. Mercutio is especially fond of punning. Find 2-3 examples of puns in this scene and explain the double meaning lines 11-20 using words like soul and sole, soar and sore line 39-41 done and dun, Mecutio uses sexual pun when romeo says love is like something pricking you
S4: What are the connotations of the name “Mercutio”? Use a dictionary to help you. Based on these connotations, predict what role you think Mercutio will have in the play. He is much like the god mercury, he is unpredictable, He is neither a capulet or a montagues, goes between the houses and know things
S4: Romeo has a premonition in this scene. What is it? Predict what this premonition might foreshadow? He has a dream that something bad will happen at the party and that something will happen and will eventually he will die because of it. It foreshadows that he will die.
S4: Who or what is Queen Mab? Why do you think Shakespeare includes this elaborate description? Try to identify one of the themes of the play that emerges here (hint: focus on what Mercutio says about dreams). The fairy of dreams. He is a mystical creature that maybe will have something to do with the story. He feels like dreams are lies because they are just our thoughts. Dreams are just a fantasy or fairy tail
S4: How does Romeo’s mood change in this scene? Find a line that captures his attitude at the beginning and a line that captures his attitude at the end of the scene. What does this change tell you about his personality? He wants to go to the party at the end of the story, “But he that hath the steerage of my course,” He feels there is a greater force and he has no control over his life.
S5: To what does Romeo compare Juliet when he first sees her? What is the significance of this comparison and others? He thinks she is so beautiful, A jewel, a torch she is the source of light, a snowy dove, he is not unquiqe, fickle, he is copying what Benvolio
S5: Why do you think Romeo speaks in hyperbole? Do you believe him? Why or why not? He was talking about how beautiful Rosaline is then sees Juliet and she is the most beautiful girl ever. It shows he is fickle or shallow, I don’t believe him because he falls in love with every girl he sees.
S5: Compare Tybalt’s behavior with Lord Capulet’s. What kind of character is Tybalt? Why do you think Shakespeare includes him in this scene? Tybalt wants to kill romeo right then and there, Lord Capulet says it is okay he is here because he is not hurting anyone, to show romeo is respected and Capulet wants peace.
S5: Why is Juliet’s line “My grave is like to be my wedding bed” both ironic and not? The marriage will eventually lead to her death, vowing to never marry anyone one except Romeo
S5: Juliet uses the word prodigious, meaning “ominous” or “foreshadowing evil.” Who else has predicted evil forthcoming? When? What is interesting about this parallel? Romeo saw his death in his dream before the party, they both saw something happening about death
What time period does Romeo and Juliet take place in? Elizabethan England (1558-1603)William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
How old were the characters and is it weird about their age? Romeo is around 15-16 years oldJuliet is around 13 years oldGirls could get married at 12 and males at 14 but it wasn’t common average age was 20. Wealthy children didn’t have much say in who they got to marry
Background knowledge of Italy Italy was divided between city states city states had fudes, families also had fudes

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