Romeo and juliet (Act 1)

How does the fight start the Capulet’s servants bit his thumb and spit on the Montague servants and the Capulet’s mostly said how they were better than the Montague’s and how they would push them in the streets and the girls against the walls and rape them.
What is the Prince’s punishment if the Montague’s and the Capulet’s fight in the streets again? They will pay with their lifes
What does Romeo tell Benvolio is the cause of his melancholy (sadness)? Not having a girlfriend
What request does Paris make of Lord Capulet? paris wants to marry juliet
At the end of the act, what does Juliet discover about Romeo? that he was a Montague
What is a foil? How is Mercutio a foil to Romeo? a foil is a character that makes the traits of another stand out in sharp contrast. mercutio is a foil to romeo because romeo values love and mercutio just play around with them
What is an aside? when a character speaks to the audience
Capulet TybaltLord and lady CapuletJulietSampson,peter,Gregory—-ServantsNurse-nanny
Montague Abram-sevantBenvolio MontagueLord and Lady MontagueRomeo Montague
Others PrinceParis-wants to marry julietMercutio-Romeo bestfriendRosaline-Romeos first love that doesnt love him back

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