Romeo and Juliet Act 1

What claim does Sampson make about himself and anyone from the rival house of Montague? That not a single Montague can make him go to the “weaker” side of the wall.
How would you contrast the attitude between Benvolio and Tybalt? Benvolio is being harassed by Tybalt and mocked as well.
(Lines 81-88) How do the 2 wives respond to the fighting words of their husbands? Capulet makes a joke about her husbands old age and Montague holds her husband back from fighting.
According to Benvolio, what kind of person is Tybalt? How might Tybalt be likely to act if he meets Benvolio again? According to Benvolio Tybalt is a man who likes to pick fights. If Tybalt sees Benvolio again he might start a fight.
(Lines 132-138) What does this action tell you about Benvolio? Benvolio wants to see why Romeo is acting so sad
Why has Romeo been so depressed? He loves a woman but she does not love him in return.
(Lines 242-243) What is Benvolio’s advice? To look at other beautiful women freely at Capulet’s party.
What does Capulet send his servant to do? To invite people to a feast that he is hosting.
To what does Romeo compare Rosaline’s beauty “The sun”
How does Benvolio think Rosaline will stack up against other girls? “Go thither, and with untainted eye compare her face with some that I shall show.” Benvolio tells Romeo there are many more women to choose from.
Describe how the nurse came to work for the Capulets. When the nurse’s daughter died, she was able to breast feed Juliet while her mother was away, she is well trusted by the Capulets.
(Lines 78-81) Mab is a mythological character. What does Mab make lawyers and ladies dream of? Mab makes lawyers dream of money and makes ladies dream of men.
Although the two old men are speaking, whom do you think the audience is watching? They are watching Juliet, because the audience knows that Romeo is walking in soon.
What seems to be Romeo’s standard for falling in love? A woman’s appearance and physical features.
What does Tybalt want Romeo to do? To fight him, because he is the number one enemy of the Capulets.
How does Romeo react when he learns that Juliet is Capulet’s daughter? He understands that falling in love with his greatest enemy will lead to a big price to pay.
(Lines 143-148) Juliet asks the identity of many guests as they leave… What does she really want to know? She wanted to know the man that kissed her. (Who Romeo was.)
How does Juliet feel about the fact that she’s fallen in love with the son of her father’s enemy? She is upset that she didn’t get to know him before she fell in love with her father’s greatest foe.

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