romeo and Juliet act 1

romeo and tybalt is man vs.____conflict man
romeo and his friends were not recognized at the ball bc they wore___ masks
“A__a____!! Why call you for a sword?” crutch
the playwrite william___ Shakespeare
he tried to make peace, his name means good will in karin Romeo’s cousin Benvolio
the only way this brawl will end is by the___of the two star-crossed lovers death
he broke up the fight, the___of Verona prince (Escalus)
the intro to each acr prologue
a poem w 14 lines. Each prologue is one sonnet
romeo and juliet is this kind of play. The opposite of a comedy tragedy
romeos best friend Mercutio
like a paragraph in poetry, usually four lines stanza
a speech where a speaker gives his own thoughts to the audience soliloquy
Ill-fated star-crossed
when romeo has a bad feeling about going to the party it’s an ex of___ foreshadowing
she took care of juliet when she was young. The___ nurse
a capulet slave who provokes a fight/brawl sampson
male protagonist of the story romeo
two lines of a peom couplet
shakespeare writes in this kind of stressed-unstressed meter iambic pentameter
“do you bite your___at us sir” thumb
who romeo was in love with before he met juliet rosaline
the prince says the two families now had had this many civil brawls 3
the antagonist of the story. Juliets cousin tybalt
girl who romeo first loves can not love him because she has taken a vow of chastity or__ celibacy
he is related to both lady Capulet and the Prince tybalt
juliet’s family capulet
romeo’s family montague
setting of the play verona, Italy
who juliet is suppose to marry paris (a kings man to the prince)
a___of the house of Montague moves me dog
friar laurence brother of the Franciscan order and romeos confessor. Advisor to both romeo and juliet
balthasar romeos servant
peter capulet servant attending the nurse
abram servant to Mongague
gregory servant of the capulet household
pernicious causing great injury or ruin
adversary person who opposes or fights against another
augmenting increasing; enlarging
grievance injustice; complaint
oppression feeling of being weighed down w worries or problems
transgression wrongdoing; sin
oxymorons that Romeo used to describe the feud between his family and the capulet feather of lead, bright smoke, cold fire, sick health, and still-making sleep
what is romeo saying in his speech about love my love will spread and grow more love will show which beds to more grief
what term does romeo use to describe juliet when he first sees her rich jewel in Ethiop’s ear
round character many traits benvolio
flat character not many traits, single trait sampson
situational irony an event that occurs that directly contradicts the expectations of the characters, the readers, or the audience
dramatic foil two characters who are different benvolio and tybalt
static charcters characters within a story that don’t change throughout the story
dynamic characters characters who grow, learn, or changes throughout the story
hubris extreme arrogance or pride shown by a character that untimately brings his downfall
aside when a characters dialogue is spoken but not heard by the other actors on the stage

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