Romeo and Juliet Act 1

Augment Verb – to make greater, more numerous, or more intense
Boisterous Adj – loud, rowdy, rough
Valiant Adj – courageous
Pernicious Adj – very destructive
Portentous Adj – something that foreshadows a coming event
Posterity Noun – future generations
Profane Adj – showing contempt toward sacred things
Choler Noun – anger
Virtuous Adj – having high moral standards
Prodigious Adj – excellent
How does Shakespeare start the play so that he gains the attention of the “groundlings”? Dirty humor
Our first introduction to Benvolio comes when he says these words. What do they reveal about his character? Benvolio is a peacemaker and doesn’t want fighting
Our first impression of Tybalt occurs in these lines. What do we learn about his character? Tybalt wants to fight and is the foil of Benvolio
What is the tone of the Prince’s speech? In these lines he makes a new decree. What is it, and why is it important? The tone is angry , he doesn’t want the families fighting; fighting results in death
How does Romeo act when we first meet him? Depressed and sad because Rosaline doesn’t love him back – unrequited love
When describing his feelings to Benvolio, Romeo uses oxymorons. Why does he speak in contradictions and paradoxes? He is confused because he feels he should be happy to be in love
We then learn that Romeo is suffering from unrequited love. What suggestion does Benvolio make to Romeo to help him get over his unrequited love for Rosaline? Look at other women , forget the one that’s doesn’t love you
In this scene Lord Capulet talks to Paris about marrying his daughter Juliet. What two reasons does he give for not wanting Juliet to marry at this time? Too youngNo experiences His only daughter
On what condition will Lord Capulet agree to Juliet’s marriage with Paris? Juliet must give consent
What does this reveal about Lord Capulet’s love for his daughter? He wants her to be happy and really cares about her
From the servant who cannot read we learn that Rosaline, with whom Romeo believes he is in love, will be at the Capulet party. Why does this excite Benvolio? What is his plan? He wants Romeo to look at other women
Why does Romeo agree to go to the party? Rosaline will be there
What coincidence takes place in this scene? Explain what theme is being developed. Romeo did a favor for the Capulets and got invited to the partyTheme is miscommunication
What is the nurse’s relationship with Juliet? The nurse is like the mother because she breast fed her
How would you describe the nurse’s personality? Funny, not smart, doesn’t pick up on ques
What is the nurse’s one wish for Juliet? To get married
When Lady Capulet asks Juliet how she feels about being married, what is her answer and what does it reveal about her character? Juliet doesn’t think about getting married Independence
What does the nurse see in Paris and what does it reveal about her attitude toward love and marriage? She sees his looks
What does Lady Capulet see in Paris that would make him a good match for Juliet? What is Lady Capulet’s attitude toward love and marriage? He is single and needs a wife Money that Juliet would inheritRemain in high social class
What does Juliet’s response to her mother reveal about her knowledge of being in love? What is her attitude toward love and marriage? Juliet hasn’t experienced love and she wants to be older when she marries
Why does Romeo just feel uneasy about going to the party? What dream-like premonition has he had? He had a Nervi grandfather dream that showed something bad happening
What does Romeo’s speech mean in terms of the Elizabethan attitude toward the stars and astrology? It means that your fate is written in the stars
Paraphrase Romeo’s speech about Juliet. Romeo compares Juliet to many beautiful things. Romeo hasn’t seen true beauty till now.
What does Romeo decide to do about the party and what is the thematic importance of the decision? He goes to the ball and no longer loves Rosaline
What does Romeo compare Juliet to? Snowy dove among black crows Goddess Saint Jewels
How does Romeo’s speech about Rosaline and Juliet compare? The same Extreme
Tybalt recognizes Romeo’s voice and tries to start a fight. What two reasons does Lord Capulet give for stopping him? Romeo is a gentlemen He doesn’t want tybalt to make a scene
What is ironic about Juliet’s line? The gentlemen she is talking about is a montague
What threat does Tybalt make as he agrees to withdraw? He will get revenge
Paraphrase the lines of Romeo and Juliet’s sonnet. Romeo and Juliet form a sonnet through a religious Imagery with them touching their hands like praying and kiss each other two times.

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