Romeo and Juliet Act 1

Couplet Last two words of a verse that rhyme.
Iambic Pentameter Romeo and Juliet is written in Iambic Pentameter
How many feet are in one line of Iambic Pentameter? 5; also 5 beats per line; 1 unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable.
Setting Verona, Italy
Which two families have never gotten along? The Capulets and the Montagues: Same social status
What does the prologue say about how these families act? They are good people at heart, but they behave in an unclean manner as a result of this feud.
Oxymoron A combination of opposites in words close together. (Loving hate) (Heavy lightness) (Cold fire)
Allusion A reference to an outside work of art, literature or historical events.
Why is Romeo so sad in the 1st Act? He is locking himself in his room and he shuts his windows. He has also been spotted crying underneath the sycamore trees; when asked what is wrong he keeps to himself.
What is the cause of Romeo’s sadness The girl he loves doesn’t love him back (unrequited love)
What is important to remember about the feuding families? Their feud has caused a huge hate for each other, but their hate has caused a love of fighting
Romeo possesses what character trait? He is very sensitive; he takes a long time to move on from Rosaline
What does Romeo’s friends say about Rosaline She pays homage to the goddess of chastity
Benvolio’s solution for getting over Rosaline: Look at other girls
What’s the deal with Paris? Wants to marry Juliet (she is only 13)
What do Juliet’s Parents tell Paris Make Juliet fall in love with you or wait 2 years to get married
Benvolio suggests that Romeo do what? Go to the capulet’s party, see many girls that are wayyyyy prettier than Rosaline
Lady Capulet believes that Juliet should do what? Get married! Lady Capulet was married before Juliet was!
Pun A fun play on the meaning of words
What does Romeo believe about dreams? Romeo believes in dreams and that they will come true, a foreshadow for what will happen.
What does Mercutio believe about dreams? He doesn’t believe in dreams and he thinks dreams are stupid: “dreams are the children of the idle brain”
Why does Romeo end up at this party? His cousins tell him that it will help him get his mind off of Rosaline
What does Romeo say/think of Juliet when he first sees her? He compares her to a jewel
What happens when Tybalt discovers Romeo is at the party? He hears Romeo and he wants to start a fight (Mainly kill him because he thinks Romeo has crashed the party)
Escalus Prince of Verona
Paris A young count, looking for Juliet’s hand in marriage
Romeo Son to a Montague
Mercutio Friend to Romeo
Benvolio Nephew to a Montague and friend to Romeo
Tybalt Nephew to Lady Capulet
Friar Lawrence Franciscan
Lady Montague Wife to a Montague
Lady Capulet Wife to a Capulet
Juliet Daughter to a Capulet
Sampson Servant to a Capulet
Gregory Servant to a Capulet
Who starts the fight? The servants (Sampson and Gregory) see some Montagues, so they want to fight them, but not start the fight. Gregory pokes fun at Sampson’s strength.
Abram Servant to a Montague
In regards to the approaching Montagues, what does Gregory decide to do? He decided to frown at them and see if they get angry. Abram asks if he wants to fight and they begin fighting when Benvolio enters, he breaks it up. Then Tybalt enters and they start fighting. (4 fighting)
What does the prince declare? He declares that if there is another fight, he will execute the M’s and the C’s involved
What do they discover about Romeo’s mental state? He is depressed!
Rosaline is protected by which Goddess? The goddess Diana; protected by Chastity
Who is the dumb servant who “accidentally” invites Romeo to the party? Peter! (He can’t read)
Are Lady Capulet and Juliet close? No, Lady Capulet doesn’t know how to be a mother
The nurse has been know to do what? Ramble!
Does Juliet want to get married? Yes, her mom explains to her that he is rich and she will be happy
Queen Mab appeared in whose dream? Mercution (go over his dream!!!!!!!!)
Romeo first sees Juliet and asks the servingman what? Who is she?????
Tybalt discovers Romeo is at the party and does what? Get me my sword! And Capulet says leave him alone, I heard he is respected and well-behaved
Romeo goes up to Juliet and says what? I don’t want to offend you by taking your hand, and i can smooth out my rough touch with a kiss
What do Romeo and Juliet do? They kiss twice. Her mother calls her and Romeo discovers that she is a Capulet!
Juliet also _____ in Romeo Shows interest in him. She asks if he is married
Soliloquy A long speech delivered by an actor alone

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