Romeo and Juliet Act 1

Verona in what Italian city does Romeo and Juliet take place?
Not Important why does shakespeare not explain quarrel between Capulets and Montagues
Benvolio what character tries to stop the quarrel and is a Montague
Tybalt who is the hot-tempered character who fans the fires of fury
Escalus Prince Sealus who is the ruler who finally ends the brawl
death what penalty does the ruler decree for another outbreak of the feud
Rosaline who is Romeo infatuated with when we first meet him
depressed what is romeos mood when we first meet him
Paris who wishes to marry Juliet
too young how does capulet base his decision on marriage for Juliet
Servant who does romeo and his cousin learn of the Capulet’s party
meet women why does Benvolio urge Romeo to attend the party
to see Rosaline why does romeo say he will go to the party
uneasy how does Juliet feel about marriage
inappropriate, loves talking, has sudden outbursts what is the nurse’s character
almost 14 how old is Juliet?
he had a dream why is Romeo wary of going to the Capulet’s party
The Queen Mab what is the name of the Queen of Dreams according to one character
Mercutio, a monologue who is the character that speaks about the Queen Mab and what is this type of speech called
Tybalt who discovers Romeo’s identity at the party
his voice how is Romeo discovered at the party
Capulet, not the right time who believes Romeo should be able to remain at the party and why
a kiss what does Romeo ask for in his conversation with Juliet
both from the nurse from whom does Romeo learn of Juliet’s identity and who does Juliet learn of Romeo’s identity

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