Romeo and Juliet- Act 1

1. In what ancient city is Romeo and Juliet set? Verona
2. What are the names of the two families in the play? Montagues and Capulets
3. To which family does Romeo belong? Montague
4. To which family does Juliet belong? Capulet
5. How are the families alike? Both are rich and their children commit suicide
6. What kind of lovers are Romeo and Juliet? Star-crossed
7. How long does the play last? 2 hours
8. What does the prologue tell us the lovers finally do? Commit suicide
1. Who is the ruler of Verona? Prince Escalus
2. To which family do the servants Sampson and Gregory belong? Capulet
3. To which family do the servants Abraham and Balthasar belong? Montague
4. What is the name of Romeo’s cousin and friend, Lord Montague’s nephew? Benvolio
5. What is the name of Lady Capulet’s nephew? Tybalt
6. Which nephew tries to keep the peace? Benvolio
7. Which nephew is most aggressive and eager to prolong the fight? Tybalt
8. According to Escalus, how many previous street fights have the feuding families had? 3
9. What did the Prince say would happen if the families street fight again? “They will pay with their lives”
10. According to Benvolio, who started the quarrel? The servants and Tybalt
11. What does Romeo tell Benvolio that Romeo’s problem is? He is in love.
12. What was Benvolio’s solution to the problem? Forget about her.
1. Who is Paris? A handsome kinsman to the prince.
2. What does he want from Capulet? To marry Juliet
3. How old does Capulet say Juliet is? 13
4. Does Capulet seem to want to honor Paris’ request? Yes
5. What objection did Lord Capulet give to opposing the marriage? She is too young.
6. What does Capulet tell Paris he should do to obtain permission to marry Juliet? Wait two summers and let her fall in love with him.
7. On what occasion is Paris to meet and woo Juliet? At the Capulet’s party.
8. What does Capluet give to his servant and what is the servant to do with it? He gives his servant Peter a list of invites
9. Why was this a mistake? Peter cannot read
10. Whom did the servant get to read the names on the list? Romeo and Benvolio
11. What is the name of the girl Romeo loves? Rosaline
12. Why does Benvolio suggest that Romeo go to Lord Capulet’s feast? To find him a new girl to love.
1. When and where does Scene III take place? in Juliet’s room with her maid and her mom
2. What does lady Capulet talk to Juliet about? Marriage
3. How did Juliet say she felt toward marriage? She thinks its an honor but she does not want to get married.
4. Whom did Lady Capulet say was an admirer of Juliet? Paris
5. Does the nurse think the man is a good match for Juliet? Yes
6. What does Juliet agree to do about Paris? Try to like him.
Who went with Romeo to the feast? Mercutio and Benevolio
How did they disguise themselves? They wear masks
Who tries to cheer Romeo? Mercutio
4. What are Romeo’s fears about the night? He is scared he will get caught being a Montague.
5. Who is Queen Mab? Queen means *****, and Mab is a common prostitute name. It is a fairy lady of your dreams according to Mercutio.
1. Where does Scene V take place? at the feast
2. With whom does Romeo fall in love instantly? Juliet
3. Who recognizes Romeo and wants to fight him? Tybalt
4. Who stopped him from fighting? Lord Capulet
5. What was Lord Capulet’s opinion of Romeo? He thinks he is a good well behaved young man.
6. Do Romeo and Juliet each know who the other is before they fall in love? No.
7. Who tells Romeo and Juliet who the other is? The serving man tells Romeo and the nurse tells Juliet.

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