Romeo and Juliet Act 1

What is the main purpose of the Prologue to Shakespeare’s play? to set the scene for the play as a whole
In Act 1 Scene I, who are Sampson and Gregory? The serving men of capulet
3.According to Prince Escalus in I.i., what will be the penalty for Capulet and Montague if further violence between the families breaks out? the penalty will be torture/execution
In Act I, what words best describe Tybalt’s personality? aggressive, termpermental, violent, hostile
5. In I.iii., in Lady Capulet’s speech to Juliet, what does Lady Capulet compare Paris to? to a book
in Act I, who is Rosaline the girl whom romeo is lovesick
7.In a play, a character/dramatic foil is a character who contrasts with or offsets the personality of another character. In I.v., how is Capulet a dramatic/character foil for Tybalt? capulets tolerance contrast Tybalt’s outraged
8.In I.v., why does Capulet allow Romeo to remain at the feast? He is well mannered and does not want to start a feud. Capulet will not let a well-mannered quest be attacked or insulted at his party
What is Benvolio’s main function in Act I? keeps concern for Romeo and tries to keep the peace between the families
10.What best describes Romeo’s reaction when he first sees Juliet at the Capulets’ party? What is this moment called in a story? love at first sight; he is starstruck, the in sighting moment

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