Romeo and Juliet Act 1

LITERARY DEVICE. Romeo says that Juliet is a “snowy dove trooping with crows.” Metaphor
LITERARY DEVICE. “I am too sore enpierced with his shaftto soar with his light feathers” Pun
LITERARY DEVICE. “You have dancing shoes with nimble solesI have a soul of led” Pun
LITERARY DEVICE. “And so boundI cannot bound a pitch above dull woe” Pun
LITERARY DEVICE. “Let two more summers wither in their prideEre we may think her ripe to be a bride.” Couplet
LITERARY DEVICE. Juliet says, “Go ask his name-if he be marriedMy grave is like to be my wedding bed.” Foreshadowing
Mercurio’s Queen Mab speech is an example of Monologue
“cold fire, sick health” Oxymoron
“O brawling love, o loving hate” Oxymoron
“O heavy lightness, serious vanity.” Oxymoron
A short speech is heard by the audience but not other characters on stage. Aside
List three examples of FOILS from Act One. -Benvolio and Tybalt-Romeo and Mercutio-Nurse and Lady Capulet
What two families are having the conflict in the play? Montagues and Capulets
What does “a pair of star-cross’d lovers” mean? Doomed romance, unhappy ending, relief in Astrology
Why does Romeo agree to go to the Capulet party? to be near rosaline
Describe Juliet’s relationship with her mother. Not close, formal, distant
What city is the setting of the play? Verona, Italy
Who tries to break up the fighting in the first scene of the play? Benvolio
List three adjectives to describe Romeo. Emotional, lover, sensitive
List three adjectives to describe Mercutio. Silly, light-hearted, funny
List three adjectives to describe Tybalt. fighter, strong, manly
What does Lady Capulet want to talk to Juliet about in Scene 3? about marrying Paris.
How old is Juliet? thirteen
Why doesn’t Romeo want to go to the party anymore? He had a bad dream
How does Tybalt recognize Romeo? his voice
Who tells Juliet who Romeo really is? Nurse
Give a quote from the story that accurately describes why Capulet doesn’t let Tybalt attack Romeo at the party. “He bears him like a portly gentlemanand says truth.Verona brags himto be virtuous and well-governed youth”
What method does the Capulet servants use in order to instigate a fight with the montagues? Biting their thumbs
What metaphors do the lovers use for each other for Holy Palmer’s kiss? Juliet – SaintRomeo – Pilgrim
Why are Juliet and the Nurse so close? Nurse raised Juliet since she was a baby, Nurse has no one else closer than Juliet, Juliet isn’t close to her mother.

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