Romeo and Juliet Act 1

What does the Prologue tell us about the overall plot of the play? -There is death in the play -There are two feuding families, two people fall in love and they die by suicide, the play will last two hours, learn the setting, introduces the plot
Why might the Prologue be important? It introduces the play and gives info
Why does Shakespeare use a sonnet to introduce the play? He wants to show the beauty of words, and sonnets typically deal with love and beauty, so since that’s what the shows about, it opens it
According to the Prologue, what themes will be present in the play? Tension, betrayal, romance, hatred
What are the young men fighting about? Who has a better master
Who tries to break up the fight? Benvolio
What is Tybalt’s attitude toward the dispute? pugnacious; he wants to fight
What is the reaction of Prince Escalus? Whoever starts the next fight will die
Benvolio first describes Romeo’s state to Lady Montague. What does he tell her? He says that Romeo has been very sad and depressed lately. Benvolio has noticed Romeo walking alone in the sycamore grove
What is troubling Romeo? Romeo is in love with a girl who does not love him back (Rosaline)
How does Benvolio add to Romeo’s troubles state of mind? -becomes sad bc Romeo is sad, and then Romeo says that he is even sadder bc he now caused Benvolio to be sad -Romeo also notices that there has been a fray (fight)
What condition does Capulet place on Paris’s suit for Juliet? Give her two more years. Woo her and get to know her during this time. Lord Capulet wants Juliet to like Paris back and be happy in her marriage.
What does Benvolio suggest to Romeo when he hears of the Capulet’s party? Let’s go to the party and see other beautiful girls. Benvolio vows that he will prove to Romeo that Rosaline is not the only beautiful girl in the world.
How does Romeo respond to Benvolio’s suggestion? Romeo insists that he will never see another girl as beautiful as Rosaline.
Who tells us how old Juliet is? -Lord Capulet (in scene ii)-Lady Capulet and the Nurse discuss Juliet’s age
What is it that Lady Capulet is trying to discuss with Juliet? How does Juliet react? -She is trying to discuss marriage -Juliet reacts coolly and respectfully towards her mother. She says that she will get to know Paris but that she is not very interested in marriage
What extended image does Lady Capulet use in describing Paris? -Lady Capulet uses an extended metaphor to describe Paris as a beautiful book of love
How does Shakespeare use the character of the Nurse? -Shakespeare uses the character of the Nurse as a foil to Lady Capulet (opposites)-The Nurse is used as comic relief in the play. Where Lady Capulet is dignified, refined, and aware of her speech and actions, the Nurse is loud, outgoing, crude, and she will say anything that comes to her mind.
Who is the best merrymaking wordster among the young men going to the party? -Mercutio -His long queen speech is used as comic relief and as an attempt on the part of Mercutio to cheer Romeo up and let him know that dreams do not always have to mean something (Mercutio is a foil to Romeo)
What does Romeo mean when he says that he has a “soul of lead”? Romeo means that he has a heavy heart. He is forlorn and lovesick.
What are Romeo’s misgivings at the end of the scene? Romeo has a bad feeling about attending the party. He feels as if something bad is going to happen if he attends the party at the Capulet home. (foreshadowing)
Why do the young people at the party wear masks? -Lord Capulet is hosting a masquerade ball -Masques (balls and elaborate plays) were popular in the Elizabethan Era
What advice does Capulet give to Tybalt? -Once Tybalt notices Romeo and the ball, he becomes angry and calls for his sword-Lord Capulet tells Tybalt to just let Romeo enjoy the party because he is not bothering anyone and he actually has good reputation in the city of Verona -Lord Capulet actually becomes angry w Tybalt and calls him a saucy (rude) boy -Lord Capulet sternly instructs Tybalt not to cause a disturbance in his home
Does Tybalt seem satisfied with this advice? -Tybalt is not satisfied w this advice at all -He swears that he will not forget Romeo’s crashing of the party
Why does Romeo call his lips “two blushing pilgrims” in conversation with Juliet? -In the time period, a pilgrim was a person on a journey to worship at a religious place -Romeo is saying that his lips are pilgrims ready to worship at the shrine of Juliet’s lips
Who tells Romeo that Juliet is a Capulet? The Nurse
Why does Juliet say, “My only love sprung from my only hate”? She is shocked to find out that the only man she has ever fallen in love with is the son of her sworn enemy
Adversary foe or enemy (The Capulets and Montagues are adversaries)
Augment to make something greater by adding to it (Romeo’s tears are augmenting the morning dew)
Fray noisy quarrel or fight (“Oh me what fray was here?”)
Flourish wave something in the air to attract attention (Swords are flourished)
Grievance cause of pain (Romeo has a grievance, which Benvolio sets out to discover)
Mutiny revolt against authority (Lord Capulet warns Tybalt not to cause a mutiny at the party)
Pernicious fatal or deadly (The prince says that the feud b/w the two families is deadly)
Transgression offense or wrongdoing (Romeo says that love has wronged him)
Posterity future generations (Rosaline is cutting beauty off from all future generations by not having children)
Foils in the play The Nurse-Lady Capulet Mercutio-RomeoBenvolio-Tybalt

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