Romeo and Juliet Act 1-3

How do Romeo’s speeches and his sudden love for Juliet make him seem as a character? This makes Romeo seem like he doesn’t know what he wants.
Who speaks in the Prologue? the chorus
The Friar’s soliloquy compares people to plants and herbs what does he say they both contain? The flowers and poisonous things are like man and woman.
Why does Juliet’s father assume she will obey his request to marry Paris? Juliet’s father assumes Juliet will obey to marry Paris because she has obeyed him all of her life so why would she disobey now.
What major plot event ends Act II? Romeo and Juliet get married
What is it called when Romeo refers to Juliet as the sun in the balcony scene of Act II? simile
What does Friar Lawrence reveal in his soliloquy in Act II, Scene III? He reveals that he agrees to wed Romeo and Juliet
What do Romeo and Juliet decide to do in Act II, Scene III? Romeo and Juliet decide to get married.
Why does Romeo run off from his friends and climb a garden wall in Act II, Scene I? He goes to see Juliet without his friends seeing and knowing about her.
Why does Friar Lawrence find it hard to believe that Romeo is serious about Juliet? He loved Rosaline so much and he just forgot about her so quickly, he doesn’t think he is actually in love with Juliet.
Why is it in character for Romeo to climb the wall for Juliet’s garden in Act II, Scene I? Romeo is in character at this point because when he finds something he wants, he has to have it.
What do the Chorus’ lines explain about Romeo’s love for Rosaline in the beginning of Act II? Rosaline doesn’t seem beautiful anymore compared to Juliet.
After the Capulet Ball in Act II, Scene II, how does Mercutio try to draw Romeo out of hiding? Mercutio draws Romeo out of hiding by telling him to compare Rosaline to other girls, this is when Romeo sees Juliet and forgets about Rosaline.
When Romeo says, “He jests at scars that never felt the wound,” in Act II, Scene II, what does this mean? He has never has felt the way Romeo has so he shouldn’t be making fun of him.
In the balcony scene of Act II, scene II, what does Romeo use a metaphor to describe? Juliet
In the balcony scene of Act II, scene II, what does Romeo wish that he were? Romeo wishes he was a glove on Juliet’s hand so he could touch her cheek.
In the balcony scene of Act II, scene II, Juliet reveals her love for Romeo when she claims she would do what? She would give up her name for him
In the balcony scene of Act II, scene II, Juliet fears for Romeo’s safety, what does Romeo claim he has to protect him? one look from Juliet
In Act II, Scene II, Juliet is embarrassed that Romeo has overheard her vows of love, and she is fearful that he might think of her as what? She doesn’t want Romeo to think of her as a non friend.
In Act II, Juliet says, “that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” What does she mean? Her name should not keep them apart because she is still a person and so is he, there is nothing different about them
How does Romeo plan to inform Juliet of their marriage plans? Juliet will send someone
The balcony scene of Act II, Scene II, concludes as Romeo leaves to go where? to go find friar Lawrence
In Act II, Scene V, what is the Friar’s main reason for marrying Romeo and Juliet? It could stop the hatred between the families
In Act II, Scene V, Juliet sends the nurse to speak with Romeo. What news does the Nurse bring? She tells her to go to confession so she can meet up with Romeo to be married
Who is the most aggressive of the feuders and an experienced duelist? Tybalt
In Act III, Scene I, how does Tybalt push Mercutio to fight with him? HE was messing and tempting him
In Act III, what is the weather? How does it affect the characters. Hot and sunny; it makes them hot tempered
In Act III, Why does Romeo refuse to duel with Tybalt? He is now kin with him and is in love with Juliet, his cousin
In Act III, how does Mercutio die? tybalt kills him
In Act III who tells the Prince about Mercutio’s death? benevolio
In Act III what punishment does Lady Capulet demand for Romeo? death
Where is Juliet when her father, mother and Paris talk about the wedding? her room
In Act III what type of bird does Juliet try to convince Romeo is singing? Juliet tries to convince Romeo that a nightingale is singing.
Where does Juliet go at the end of Act III? Why? Juliet goes to Friar Laurence’s cell because she is going to marry Romeo.
When Mercutio says “A plague on both your houses, I am sped.” What does he mean? He died due to their hatred and now he has cursed them for it.
When Tybalt dies, how does that effect the plot? Romeo is now banished because he killed Tybalt.
When the nurse tells Juliet of Tybalt’s death, what does Juliet think? Juliet thinks Romeo is dead too.
Why does Romeo kill Tybalt? Tybalt killed Mercutio, so Romeo wanted revenge.
What are the three reasons the Friar gives Romeo to live? 1.Friar tells Romeo to live because he has Juliet, 2.he is given another chance to live by moving to another city,you will escape to the city of Mantua, where you’ll live until we can make your marriage public and make peace between your families We’ll ask the Prince to pardon you. Then we’ll welcome you back with twenty thousand times more joy than you’ll have when you leave this town crying.
Juliet weeps about Romeo’s departure to Mantua. What does her mother think is the cause of her sadness? Lady Capulet thinks that Juliet is crying over Tybalt’s death.

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