Romeo and Juliet Act 1 & 2

Theme: Hostility and Its Effects on the Innocent -Romeo and Juliet marry in secret-Prince makes a law to stop fighting b/c citizens were hurt
theme: Decision making sneak into the partymarrying juliet in secret
theme: Role of Friendship and Peer Pressure -Mercutio pressures Romeo to crash party-Benvolio says look at other girls-loyal friends
theme: Real Love versus Lust – Puppy Love -Friar Laurence thinks that are marrying for looks…too quick!-Romeo used to like Rosaline
Theme: The Generation Gap – Parent Child Conflict Mom wants Juliet to marry Paris
theme: Family Loyalty and The Family Feud -They can’t marry because of the feud -Tybalt wants to fight Romeo
theme: The Use of Deception, Lies and Masks -Juliet does half lie- says she’ll look at Paris not marry him-Full lie: Says she goes to church for confession but marries Romeo instead
What does the prologue reveal? The story takes place in verona, italy. There’s a feud between 2 powerful families. It will end in death of their child
Between what two families does the feud exist? Capulets vs. Montagues
Who begins the 1st scene? What family do they work for? Capulet Servants- Sampson and Gregory
How do Sampson and Gregory feel about the fam fued they like it and participate in it
How do Sampson and Gregory provoke the other servents and what’s the result -They bite their thumbs (disrespectful gesture)-mock their families-provoke them on purpose to start a fight
What law does the Prince make after the street brawl? Why does he make it? Anyone caught fighting will die because he wants to keep the peace, hurting innocent people
What is wrong with Romeo when he finds out the news on Rosaline? The girl he loves, does not love him. She is becoming a nun so she can stay a virgin and won’t be able to date him
What advice does Benvolio give Romeo about Rosaline? Look at other girls- move on!
What does Parris want from Lord Capulet and how does Lord Capulet react? He wants to marry Juliet. Lord Capulet says no because she is too young.
How do Romeo and Benvolio learn about the Capulet’s ball? What do they decide to do? A servant (clown) who cannot read asks for help reading invitations. They decide to crash the ball
What kind of ball is being held? Masquerade ball (masks)
How does Juliet feel about getting married She doesn’t want to get married and hasn’t thought of it
How old is Juliet 13
Who is the Nurse and what does she do at the Capulets’ house? She raised Juliet from a baby (nursed her). Took care of her. She is like a nanny
What does the Nurse say about Juliet during this scene? She talks about when Juliet was a baby. She makes dirty jokes. (Juliet falls)
When and where does act 1 scene 4 take Romeo and friends are out on the street at night
Why is Romeo having second thoughts about going to the ball? Had a dream about meeting his death at the ball
Describe Mercutio. wise, witty, outgoing, talkative, jokester, good friend, attention grabber
where does act 1 scene 5 take place At the Capulets’ home during masquerade ball
Who is Romeo talking about in lines 46-55? Explain the irony in these lines. Juliet- It is ironic because he came he came to see Rosaline. Fickle! Player!
Why does Tybalt become so upset, and how does Capulet respond to his rage? Overhears Romeo! He feels insulted that a Montague is at the party. Capulet wants to party. Hev says relax. Do not ruin my party. Romeo is supposed to be a good kid. leave him alone
How does Romeo convince Juliet to kiss him? Says he has sin on his lips and her lips will cure his sin. Then she says, now my lips have so he takes it back
Who said the following lines and why?”…is she a Capulet? O dear account, my life is my foe’s debt.” Romeo says that about Juliet. She is his “life” now but she is also his enemy
Who said the following lines and why?”My only love sprung from my only hate Too early seen unknown and known too late.” Juliet- The only man she loves is also a man from the only family she hates
Explain the dramatic irony in act 2 scene 1 Benvolio and Mercutio don’t know that Romeo is in love with Juliet and they think he’s in love with Rosaline
What does Romeo compare Juliet to? Why? She is as bright as the sun because she is so beautiful
Explain Juliet’s soliloquy (lines 33-44). How is this an example of dramatic irony? She is talking about how much she likes Romeo and he is standing outside listening to how much Juliet loves him
Soliloquy speech said aloud to no one or to the audience (often inner thoughts)
In Juliet’s speech (lines 35-106), what does she want Romeo to say and why? She wants Romeo to ask her to marry her because she is in love with him
After Romeo and Juliet vow their love for one another, what do they decide to do and when? They decided to get married and have Juliet send someone to find Romeo because Juliet can’t leave alone
Friar Laurence compares herbs and plants to what? Why? Compares humans, humans have good and bad traits just like some plants are medical(a form of medicine) and the same plant can be poison
Why does Romeo go to see Friar Laurence? So Romeo and Juliet can get married
How does Friar Laurence respond to Romeo’s request? He is shocked because he thought he loved Rosaline. Romeo moving too fast, he only loves her for her looks
Why does Friar Laurence consent to Romeo’s request? to make peace, hopes feud will end
For whom is the nurse looking and why? Romeo because R and J plan to get married
How do the young men tease the nurse? Explain the puns They called her old and ugly
What warning does the Nurse give Romeo? don’t break her heart
Juliet is waiting very impatiently for the nurse’s return. Why does she become so irritated when the nurse does return? Nurse is avoiding her questions and procrastinating so Juliet she can answer. Teasing Juliet
Romeo and Juliet are married in Friar Laurence’s cell. How does this scene foreshadow future events? Friar tells Romeo- don’t love too hard, too soon, to fast because their love will wear off. they die in the end so we know their love dies

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