Romeo and Juliet, a suicide tutorial

Romeo Protag loves Rosaline fickle changes mind, darkness
Juliet Thirteen suicide light
Nurse Comic relief raised Juliet mercucio and benvolio make fun of her
Lady Capulet Foil to lady montague likes to fight
Capulet Juliet’s father wants Juliet to marry Paris
Montague Romeo’s father
Lady Montague Foil to lady Capulet suicide no fight
Prince Order by death threat order restorer last lines
Paris Wants Juliet is her bridegroom death by Romeo
Benvolio Romeo friend alive at end hot head keeps the peace
Mercucio Dies curse on both yo houses fun-lover prince kin
Tybalt Death by Romeo hot heat wants to fight
Friar Lawrence Apothecary Romeo mentor good intentions no fight married the two
Conflicts Man v society man v man as example
Motife One word similar to a poor 7th grade theme
Themes Universal message MRS. MACCAFEE
Metaphor Bright smoke lead feather cold fire sick health
Soliloquy Character speech for the audience of inner thought
Foil Two characters who contrast and point out aspects of each other
Act 1 Intro, characters setting conflicts
Act 2 Rising action,
Act 3 Climax, no return changes highest emotion

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