Romeo and Juliet

Why is the Prince so upset with the two families? He is so upset because the 2 families are fighting and are holding grudges against each other and arguing.
Explain the reason for Romeo’s strange actions. He is acting so strange because he is in love.
What images does the Romeo use to describe love? How do these images reflect his agitated? He says love is smoke made of fumes of sighs, loving tears, sparkling eyes, madness, sweet and beautiful. He can’t control his feelings of love for her.
What does Capulet think the chances are for keeping the peace? very little, since there has been a grudge for all these years.
Why aren’t Romeo and his love together? They aren’t together because there families hate each other
Who is welcome to come to Capulets traditional party? Romeo was invited to the party.
How does Juliet feel about marriage? Juliet feels she is too young to get married and wants to marry who she really loves.
Who wants to marry Juliet? Paris wants to marry Juliet.
What fear does Romeo express in lines 106-113? He is afraid peace will never come within the 2 families.
What is Capulet’s mood, and how does this impact the atmosphere of the party? very negative, that mood maker everyone else not want to be there or do things
Describe Romeo’s reaction when he first sees Juliet. Romeo is obsessed with her already and is already in love with her.

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