Romeo and juliet (4-5)

When Juliet goes to see the Friar who does she run into and what happens between them? Juliet ran into Paris while she was trying to go to talk to friar Lawrence and Paris kissed Juliet.
Briefly explain Friar Laurence’s plan, as he explains it to Juliet in Scene 1. she goes home and tell her parents that she was sorry for everythingShe also agree to marry ParisShe has to make sure that nurse not in her roomget ready for bed and takes the vile
Why does Friar Laurence feel Juliet will follow his plan? Because she is willing to kill herself
What reason does Juliet give her father for changing her mind and deciding to marry Paris? friar Laurence
How does the relationship between the Nurse and Juliet change this Act? What evidence in the play supports this change so the plan will work
What are the fears about taking the potion Juliet reveals in her soliloquy? That the potion wont work and friar Laurence is trying to kill her
How does Lord Capulet’s attitude about/toward Juliet change in this Act? What causes the change? Goes from hatred to love because she said she wasn’t going to marry Paris
Who tells Romeo that Juliet is dead? benvolio
What does Romeo decide to do? Romeo decides to go lie with Juliet but he first got poison from apothecary so he can die with her
What happens to Friar Laurence’s message to Romeo? Explain Friar john couldn’t send it because he couldn’t get nobody to deliver it to romeo because they were scared that they would spread the infection that they got from helping a sick child
When Romeo arrives at Juliet’s tomb, who is there and what happens? he sees paris their and they fight
What is the climax of this Act? When romeo kills himself because he thinks Juliet is dead and when juliet kills herself
Who tells the Prince the truth about Romeo and Juliet? “ friar Laurence
At the end of the play the Prince states, “…all are punished.” What does he mean? they all punished because they lost a love one`
At the end of the play what do both families decide to do? they make statues of romeo and Juliet to be set in the town
Explain how bad timing caused the final tragedy: the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Bad timing caused the final tragedy because friar john didn’t give romeo the letter in time and he went to see Juliet and he saw that she was dead and he wanted to die with her but when he kissed her she woke up and it was to late he had already killed himself with the potion
Besides Romeo and Juliet, what other deaths occur or are reported in Act V? the death of paris
What are some possible themes of the play? Love can make you do crazy thingsI’m a lover not a fighter but i fight for what i love

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