Romeo and Juliet

Star-crossed lovers In the prologue, Romeo and Juliet are referred to as…
Capulets and Montagues Between what families did a feud exist?
The reason is not given What caused the feud between the two families?
Romeo’s cousin Who is Benvolio?
He should be calling for a crutch instead of a sword In Act I, what does Lady Capulet say about Lord Capulet’s age and condition?
He explains that he is in love, but she doesn’t love him When Benvolio asks Romeo why he is sad, what explanation does Romeo give?
He should look for someone else and forget the girl he loves What advice does Benvolio give to Romeo about his problem?
Juliet’s hand in marriage What does Paris ask of Lord Capulet?
Attend the party ad try to win Juliet’s heart What suggestion does Capulet make to Paris?
She should look Paris over at the party and see what she thinks of him In Act I, What does Lady Capulet try to convince Juliet to do?
She agrees to do as her mother says, but won’t make any guarantees How does Juliet respond to Lady Capulet’s suggestion?
He says his soul is made of lead and weighs him down Why does Romeo refuse to dance at the party?
He feels he is initiating a chain of events that may end his life What ominous feeling does Romeo experience at the dance?
He uses elegant comparisons, He describes her as the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, and he concludes that he is in love How does Romeo describe Juliet when he first sees her?
He threatens to kill Romeo How does Tybalt react when he recognizes Romeo’s voice as a Montague voice?
She allows him to kiss her twice then laments that she loves a hated enemy How does Juliet react to meeting Romeo?
Romeo gave Tybalt the opportunity to stab Mercutio In what way is Romeo responsible for Mercutio being stabbed?
He felt he must kill Tybalt regardless of how it might upset Juliet What was Romeo’s reaction to Mercutio’s death?
He claimed that Mercutio was completely innocent What slant did Benvolio put on his account of the fight in which both Mercutio and Tybalt were killed?
He banished Romeo from the city and ordered him to be killed if he returns What was the Prince’s decision regarding the outcome of the fight?
Tybalt is dead and Romeo is banished While waiting for Romeo’s visit, what news does the Nurse bring to Juliet?
The ring is to signify to Romeo that the message is from Juliet Why does Juliet send the Nurse with her ring?
He is fortunate he wasn’t killed by Tybalt, the Prince spared his life by banishing him, and to leave and wait until the Friar can get a pardon for him What does the Friar tell Romeo?
Tybalt’s death What do Lord Capulet, Lady Capulet, and Paris say is the cause of Juliet’s death?
Juliet and Paris will be married on Thursday What decision does Lord Capulet make in Act III?
She doesn’t want her mother to know her real feelings for Romeo Why does Juliet speak ill of Romeo to her mother?
Kill herself (Are you surprised?) If forced by her parents to marry Paris, what does Juliet plan to do?
His love died after meeting Juliet What happened to Romeo’s great love for Rosaline after meeting Juliet?
Being enemies, how are they to get together? What problem do the new lovers face?
He is singing the praises of Juliet’s beauty What is the main idea of Romeo’s first and most famous soliloquy in Act II?
She loves Romeo, and she will not let their names stand between them Without knowing Romeo is listening, what does Juliet profess?
He claims that there is no risk or wall that can keep him from her and he claims that only her refusal to see him can hurt him What does Romeo say when Juliet points out that he could be killed by being outside her balcony?
She said his love should mot be as variable as the moon How does Juliet respond when Romeo swears by the moon?
“Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow.” In Act II, what is Juliet’s famous parting line?
He hopes it will end the feud between the families Why does the Friar agree to help Romeo and Juliet get married?
She questions whether he is leading Juliet on What doubts does Juliet’s nurse have about Romeo?
Romeo wants Juliet to go to confession at the Friar’s and Juliet is to go to the Friar’s to marry Romeo What message does the Nurse give to Juliet?
They are married by the Friar What happens after Romeo and Juliet exit from the stage at the end of Act II?
He gives her a potion to drink which will make everyone think she is dead What plan does Friar Lawrence devise for Juliet at the beginning of Act IV?
She fears he has given her real poison to save his honor What suspicion about Friar Lawrence does Juliet struggle with in Act IV?
They are shocked. Her mother says she will die, too. Her father feels a great loss How do Juliet’s mother and father react to the news of her death?
Juliet is dead What news does Balthasar bring to Romeo in Mantua?
An outbreak of disease prevented Friar John from reaching Mantua Why did Friar Lawrence’s message not reach Romeo in Mantua?
He plans to be there when Juliet awakes and sneak her to his cell and he will try to get another message to Romeo What new plan does the Friar develop in Act V?
Paris is going to arrest Romeo and bring him to the Prince and Romeo fights and kills Paris because he is intent to finish what he came to do Why do Paris and Romeo fight in the crypt?
He wants to hide Juliet with an order of cloistered nuns How does Friar Lawrence hope to resolve the mess he finds in the crypt?
She stabs herself with Romeo’s dagger What does Juliet do when she wakes up in the crypt?
Nuptial Wedding; marriage
Propagate Reproduce; increase
Obscured Hid; darkened
Profane Dishonor; make impure
Purged Got rid of; expelled
Deformities Irregularities; disfigurements
Discreet Showing good judgment; perceptive
Adversary Enemy; opponent
Chided Criticized; scolded
Rancor Hatred; hostility
Impute Blame; attribute
Sallow Sickly; pale
Intercession Asking a favor of; intervention
Repose Calm; peacefulness
Idolatry Worship; adoration
Conjure Call up; summon
Reconcile Make peace among
Martial Military; soldierly
Garish Gaudy; showy
Renowned Famous; well-known
Plague Disease; hex
Dexterity Skill; proficiency
Dismembered Taken apart; split
Civil Well-mannered; proper
Distraught Upset; distressed
Pensive Thoughtful; reflective
Resolution Solution to a problem
Prostrate Flat; prone
Spited Acted maliciously or with ill will
Supple Flexible; pliant
Inundation Flood; outpouring
Arbitrating Deciding; judging
Contempt Scorn; disdain
Righteous Virtuous; moral
Disperse Scatter; distribute
Remnants Remains; leftovers
Steeped Soaked; covered in liquid
Canopy Covering; protection
Interred Buried; shut in
Apprehend Arrest; take into custody

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