romeo and juliet

romeo feels love gives him power A2 S2 with love’s light wings did i o’erperch these walls
romeo sees juliet and realises his love for Rosaline is superficial A1 S5 did my heart love till now
romeo thinks juliet is so beautiful she emits light A1 S5 o, she doth teaches the torches to burn bright
romeo fights to the death with tybalt A3 S1 either thou or I, or both, must go with him
romeo feels manipulated by his fate and he is not responsible for killing tybalt o, i am fortune’s fool
romeo feels that he is going against his fate when he goes to be with juliet A5 S1 i defy you, stars
romeo would prefer death to banishment from verona (x2) A3 S3 be merciful, say deaththere is no world without verona walls, but purgatory, torture, hell itself
romeo feels indebted with his life to the capulets because of his love to Juliet A1 S5 my life is my foes debt
romeo feels so drawn to Juliet and dictated by love that he feels he cannot leave A2 S1 can i go forward when my heart is here?
juliet feels she will die if romeo is already married – foreshadowing as well A1 S5 also pairing the idea of death and love together as key themes my grave is likely to be my wedding bed
romeo fears that going to the ball will lead to bad consequences – sense of foreboding and shows him becoming a more rational thinker A1 S5 some consequence, yet hanging in the stars, shall bitterly begin
juliet feels a sense of foreboding the last time she sees romeo A3 S5 as one dead in the bottom of a tomb
benvolio tries to keep the peace A1 S1 i do but keep the peace, put up thy sword/ Or manage it to part these men with me
tybalt hates peace A1 S1 talk of peace? i hate the word!
sexual innuendo demonstrating male aggression A1 S1 thrust his maids to the wall
lord capulet is controlling over his daughter – he talks to Paris about marrying Juliet A3S4 she is ruled in all aspects by me
Sampson is joking about raping the Montague women A1S1 the heads of the maidens, or their maidenheads
Romeo and Juliet’s love is being presented as something decided by god A1 S5 refers to Juliet’s hand as a ‘holy shrine’refers to their kiss as ‘holy palmer’s kiss’
Romeo is presented as a Petrarchan – poetic, melancholy and using sonnets A1S1 ‘O loving hate’ ‘O heavy lightness, serious vanity’
Juliet wants Romeo to be truthful if he loves her or not A2S2 if thou dost love pronounce it faithfully
Juliet will give up her name if it means marrying Romeo – she is conscious of the fact she is going against her family A2S2 I’ll no longer be a capulet
Tybalt thinks that to honour his family he needs to kill Romeo – theme of violence being excused as family honour A1S5 context of honour in elizabethan period by the stock and honour of my kin to strike him dead I hold it not a sin
personification Romeo compares Juliet to the sun goes against elizabethan cliche of comparing her to the moon (x2) A2S2 expresses his captivation with her beauty It is the east and Juliet is the sunArise, fair sun and kill the envious moon
Juliet worries that their love is moving too fast rule of three- emphatic- realistic too rash, too unadvis’d, too sudden
lady capulet asks the nurse to come back – she is an ineffectual and cold mother nurse, come back again, I have remember’d me
Juliet is eager for night to come so she can have the privacy and freedom spread thy close-curtain, love-performing Night
Lord Capulet threatens Juliet if she does not marry Paris he will abandon her he compares her to a corpse – role of a woman ‘out, you green sickness carrion! out you baggage”hang, beg, starve, die in the streets’
the friar is determined to do what is right and end the feud between the families A2S4 to turn your household’s rancour to pure love
the friar thinks that god approves of their marriage – so it doesn’t matter what the families think A2S6 so smile the heavens upon this holy act

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