Romeo and Juliet

What did Juliet think before drinking the potion? If she would wake up too late, if she would would wake up at all
How did Juliet feel before drinking the potion? Scared, but determined to be with Romeo.
Why was lord capulet mad at Juliet? Because she refused to marry Paris.
How was lord capulet prideful and his love and hate for Juliet similar. He loved Juliet so he wanted the best for her and to marry Paris but this was at the same time hatred because she did not want to marry him. Lord capulet was prideful because he would not have his pride be ruined in the fight between the capulets and montaques by Juliet marrying Romeo.
What was lord capulets reaction to Juliet’s plead to marry Romeo. He mocked her, “thank me no thankings nor proud me no prouds,” he believed it was nonsense
Although she was scared, what made Juliet drink the potion? Her love for Romeo, she was determined to be with him.
What literary term would be used to describe Juliet’s out loud worries before she drinks the potion? Soliloquy
Why does Romeo say he loves Tybalt? Because he was just married to Juliet so they are now family
Why are tybalt and romeo’s friends confused? Because no one knows that they were married
Mercutio’s Queen Mab Speech Soliloquy
romeo and juliet has which tragic element? Chance and time

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