Romeo and Juliet

Why do Sampson Gregory fight with Montagues men They are involved in a rivalry
Benvolio and Tybalt come upon the servants fighting contrast their reactions to the fight Benvolio and Tybalt have very different opinions about the fight one wants to keep the peace and the other wants to fight
When Montague and Capulet enter and see the disturbance, they want to fight to. What to their wives say? They are too old and they need a crutch instaed a sword
What is the ending to the opening skirmish But the prince comes in he gives a speech about how they will die if they fight again
Why is Romeo so sad Romeo is sad because Rosalynn does not love him back
In act one scene two Paris asks for Juliet’s hand in marriage. What does Capulet’s reply? Two summers
Why is Capulet giving a feast It’s just a customary feast
How does Romeo find out about the feast and why does he decide to go even though (being a Montague) he is not invited Because the servant can’t to read and Rosaline will be there
What do Romeo, Mercutio, and Benvolio dress up as Masters to provide entertainment with a mask
What does Romeo refuse to do at the party and what is his reason To dance at the party because he has a soul of lead
Before they enter the party they should not go forward what is his reason Romeo to go in because he has an ominous dream about something in the stars
What character does Mercutio credit with affecting dreamers while they sleep Queen Mab is in charge of the dreams about desires and has a lot of insects
Explain Romeos fear as they enter the party Romeo fear is a consequence from the stars and untimely death
What reason does Capulet give to his cousins and guests for not dancing Capulet says that he is too old to dance
What is Romeo’s reaction when he sees Juliet for the first time He had never known love or seen such beauty
Who recognizes Romeo at the party and what is his reaction Tybalt recognizes Romeo and is disgusted
What does Romeo compare to Juliet’s hand and how does he act out his prayers A holy shrine, kisses her hand
What do Romeo and Juliet both discover about each other and from whom To figure out that they are oposing families from Juliet’s nurse
Before the scene begins the chorus explains that what has changed for Romeo His love for Rosaline
The chorus suggests that the new found passion between Romeo and Juliet provides and gives them what Gives them power
How does Mercutio attempt to conjure Romeo out of hiding Summoning have like a spirit
Where has Romeo gone To the Capulet’s garden
It is the east and Juliet is the sun is an example of Metaphor
When Juliet asks “where for art thou Romeo”, what is she asking Why does he have to be Romeo of Montague
What does Juliet call her enemy and similarly what does Romeo call hateful to himself Her enemy is her name and Romeo says that as well
By what means does Romeo claim to have scaled the Capulet orchard walls He flew over with the wings of love
According to Romeo what will help him hide from the Capulet guards nights cloak
Find what natural elements does Romeo swear his love for Juliet The moon
What does Juliet compare their love to Lightning
“As boundless as the sea” is an example of Simile
Why do you Romeo and Juliet agreed to meet again tomorrow by what time Romeo and Juliet want to meet to get married by 9 AM
As Mercutio and Benvolio enter what does Benvolio request they do, why Go home
“Moved to be moody” is an example of A pun
That I have is as full of corals as an egg is full of meat is an example of A simile
Tybalt asks Mercutio if he consorts with Romeo. What does he mean and how does mercutio interpret it He asks if he hangs out with RomeoHe thinks that he’s insulting him by calling him a musician
What does Tybalt call Romeo as he enters A villain
What does Romeo do when he sees them fighting? Romeo says that he loves them
How is Mercutio wounded Under the arm of Romeo, he made things worse
What phrase does M. repeat to Romeo A plague on both your houses
What guides Romeos actions Fate
How does TYBALT die Romeo stab him
Fortunes fool is an example of An allusion
Who charges TYBALT with MERCURTIO’s death The citizens(Honor is distributed by the public)
Lady Capulet asks for what compensation and exchange for TYBALTS death Someone must be killed from the Montague family(Weregeld)
Which stormy element does Benvolio compare the fighting between Tybalt in Romeo Lightning
What punishment does the prince give to Romeo for fighting He is exiled from Verona
What factor causes friar to voice his displeasure? They don’t have Juliets consent or opinion
What reason does Paris ask for Capulet’s decision to move the wedding date Rushing the marriage to stop Juliet from crying
What object is Juliet present to friar Lawrence as a resolution to her grief Julian must marry Paris she will kill herself with a knife
What does friar Lawrence gift to Juliet A poison and she was drinking it and then she will act dead for 42 hours
What does Friar Lawrence plan to do before Juliet wakes Well tell Romeo to get her and bring her to Mantua
What two items does Juliet place in front of her after dismissing the nurse She places a knife and a potion in front of her
What question does Juliet ask of the Friars remedy If fryer is using the potion to kill her to clear his name
This scenario frightens Juliet about waking up before Romeo comes She wonders if Romeo is too late and she is already dead she suffocating
What is the most frightening scenario That she will beat herself to death with the bones of the dead
Who Does Juliet fear will seek revenge upon Romeo Tybalt
What does Capulet compare death to A dead flower
Who is Capulets heir Death
What adjectives does the nurse used to describe the day Woelfel, lamentable, and hateful
Who will keep his part Heaven
What is best for now take the place of the wedding Her funeral
What is the advice that friar Lawrence gives them? Dont tempt fate
Why did Shakespeare write about the musicians Comedic relief
What does Paris place on Juliet’s bridal bread, and according to Paris what compromises the beds canopy Places flowers and Juliet’s bridal her canopy is made of dust and stone
What two reasons does Romeo give BalTHASAR for entering Juliet’s tomb To hold Juliet’s face and to get the ring
With what consequence does Romeo threat about the Baltaczar if she follows him into the tomb Spread his limbs around the graveyard
How does Paris die Romeo stabs him
What does Juliet’s beauty transform the family vault Her beauty is light
What does Romeo gift before taking the poison A kiss
What does a Balthazar dream about That Romeo killed someone
What attempt does Juliet take To take the poison Kisses Romeo
How does Juliet die She stabs herself with Romeo daggar
Why does lord Montague come alone Because Lady Montague died of grief
What sacrifices fryer Lawrence offer His life
Whom does the prince clean punishes Montague and Capulet for their hatred Heaven
What do you offer each other Raise their stature to pure gold

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