Romeo and Juliet

She wants the prince to execute romeo Lady caplet
Play division Act
Instead of returning home where does Romeo go after the ball Julie’s house
What is a soliloquy and how is it used in scene 2 A soliloquy is when a speaker is alone on stage speaking to the audience Romeo and Juliet are talking to themselves before they know each other is there
By whose name does mercutio call for Romeo Rosaline
How does Romeo discover Julie’s love for him He hears her talking about him on her balcony
What does Romeo say helped him climb over the high walls of the caplet orchard and find Juliet’s window Love
What do Romeo and Juliet exchange Love faithful vow
What do Romeo and Juliet plan to do the next day Get married
To what does Romeo compare Julie’s beauty The sun
Who keeps interrupting the balcony scene The nurse
Why does Juliet ask Romeo not to swear by the moon Because the moon is r constant so had love is not constant
What if friar Lawrence’s special skill of area of knowledge Medicine/poison
About what died the friar caution Romeo That getting married to Juliet could end in bad ways
Why force friar agree to marry Romeo and Juliet He thinks them Getting married will turn their family’s hatred into love
Who has sent Romeo a challenge for a duel Tybalt
What excuse does Juliet use for going to friar Lawrence’s cell Saying she’s going for confession
Where are Romeo and Juliet to be married Friar Lawrence’s cell
Who teases Romeo about Rosaline and his love sickness Mercutio
Who teases the nurse and causes her to become crass Mercutio
How does Romeo plan to get into Juliet’s window A rope ladder
At what time did Juliet send the nurse to see Romeo and find out the wedding plans Nine
How long has Juliet been waiting for the nurse to return with the news from Romeo 3 hours
How does the nurse feel when she gets back Tired
How does he nurse feel about the marriage She thinks it is a foolish choice
What is the friar afraid of That the future of Romeo and Juliet will not be good
How much do the lovers say their love has grown More than half Juliet’s wealth
How many people know about the marriage 4 Romeo, Juliet,nurse,and friar
Where does the marriage take place Friar Lawrence’s cell
What is another name for the friar The ghostly confessor
Benvolio and tybalt come upon the servants fighting how do they react to the fight Benvolio tries to break it up but tybalt wants to fight
What ended the opening skirmish The prince threatened them all with death if they fought
Why is Romeo so sad The girl he loves does not want to get married
Paris asks calumet for Juliet’s hand in marriage what is capsules reply Paris should wait two years until Juliet is older
Why does Romeo decide to go to the feast even though he is not invited Because Rosaline will be there
What is the setting of the play Verona
Who does lady caplet encourage Juliet to love Paris
At the very beginning of act 1 Romeo is in love with whom Rosaline
In scene 1 of act 1 tybalt and Benvolio are what Foils
Romeo Benvolio and mercutio discuss dreams mercutio a speech to them is an example of an Monologue
The prologue of act 1 is an example of what Sonnet
Most of Shakespeare plays were performed where The globe theater
Poor people stood in the what to watch plays that usually lasted 2 hours Pit
That which we call a__by any other name would smell sweet Rose
Juliet kills herself with Romeos
Me thinks I see thee… one dead in the bottom of a_ Tomb
My life is my___ debt Foes
She wants the prince to execute Romeo Lady caplet
Play division
Romeo climbs over the wall surrounding capulets___ Orchard
Predestined future
Parting is such sweet_
He is slain by tybalt Mercutio
Romeo drinks it and dies
Paris is a nobleman from this place Verona
Romeos father Lord montague
Lady montague dies__for her son Romeo Grieving
Servant of the capulets Samson
A_o’both your houses Plague
_is my son in law,_ is my heir
Servant of romeo Balthazar
Romeo kills him in avenge for the death of his friend Tybalt
A_a_! Why call you for your sword
He kills himself when he thinks Juliet is dead Romeo
Author of Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare
Sends Romeo into exile Prince escules
Both Paris and Romeo want to marry her
Act division Scene
What light through yonder___ breaks Window

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