Romeo And Juliet

What is the purpose of the prologue in act 1? Over view of the play and to grab attention
Who is the first scene suppose to appeal to? The groundlings
Who makes the following statement and when is it made? “Many a mornin hath he there been seen. With tears augmenting the fresh mornings dew.” Lord Montague after the fight
How many fights has the prince had to stop, and what will be the penalty for the next fight? 3 and death
What is bothering Romeo at the beginning of the story? His love for Rosalind and she doesn’t love him back
What advice does benvolio give Romeo on how to solve his problem? Look at other women
Why cant capulets servant complete the job he has been given by lord capulet? He can’t read
At the end of act 1, scene IV, Romeo speaks of his dream. What did he say he dreamt about and what is this an example of? Untimely death and foreshadowing
Once Romeo is recognized at the party, what does lord capulet say about Romeo? He is a fine gentleman and won’t cause any problems
What does the following line mean and when was it said?”My only love, sprung from my only hate! ” too early seen unknown, and known too late!” They love the person they’re supposed to hate and can’t change it because the didn’t know until too late(when Juliet finds out who Romeo is
Who is mercutio related to? Paris and prince
Who is known as “the bard”? Shakespeare
What form of poetry is the prologue an example of? Shakespearean sonnet
What does the prologue to act 2 tell the audience? Romeo no longer loves rosaline (what happened in act 1)
In the balcony scene, why is Juliet concerned for Romeos safety? He could be killed by the capulets guards or her family if they see him
Why does Juliet not want Romeo to swear by the moon? The moon is always changing
Why does the friar decide to marry the young couple? It might end the feud between the families
What does mercutio think of Romeos new attitude? Glad he’s back to his old self
Who has sent a letter to the montagues house, an what does the letter say? Tybalt challenging Romeo
What is similar with the scene involving Romeo and mercutio and the scene involving the nurse and Juliet? The both play around with Romeo and Juliet
According to Romeos plan, how should Juliet get to the friar that afternoon? Tell her parents she is going to confession
What does Romeo have given to the nurse and how does he plan to use it later? A rope ladder to get in Juliet’s room later
Who said ,”he jest at scars that never felt a wound,” and what does it mean? RomeoMercutio is making fun of his feelings when he has never experienced it
What is a medlar? Apple like fruit in the shape of a pear
What does it mean ” stay the circumstances”? To not over react, wait for info
Why does mercutio decide to fight with Tybalt? Because Romeo won’t
Why does Romeo finally kill tybalt? He lets his rage guide him and Tybalt killed mercutio
What sentence does the prince decree for Romeo after tybalts death? Banishes him from Verona
Who tells Juliet’s of tybalts death? Nurse
Where does Romeo go to hide? Friar Lawrence’s cell
What does Juliet send with the nurse to Romeo as a token of her love? A ring
What for friar Lawrence and the nurse help Romeo do before the goes to mantua? See Juliet to comfort and say goodbye to her/ honeymoon night
What does lord capulet say he will do if Juliet does not marry count Paris? Disown her
What does the nurse advice Juliet to do? Marry Paris
To whom does Juliet decide to go to for help? Friar Lawrence
What is the princes nAme? Escalus
What is the name of Romeos servant in act 1 scene 1? Balthasar
Juliet meeting Paris at friar Lawrence’s cell is an example of what? Irony
Why does the friar suggest such a desperate solution to Juliet’s problem? She threatens to kill herself
Upon her return from the friars, why does Juliet act the way she does toward her father? So he won’t suspect anything and it’s part of the plan
What are Juliet’s two fear about taking the potion? She will die from itShe’ll wake up in the tomb
What is Juliet’s plan if the potion doesn’t work? She’ll stab herself
Why is the friar able to speak so calmly about Juliet’s death? He knows she isn’t really dead
What new does Balthasar bring to Romeo in mantua? Juliet is dead
For what reason does Romeo choose to purchase the poison from this druggist? He is poor
Why is friar Lawrence upset with friar john? He didn’t give Romeo the letter saying his plan
What is friar Lawrence’s new an to get Romeo and Juliet together? Take Juliet to his cell and send Romeo a new letter and wait until he returns
Once Romeo kills Paris and enter Juliet’s tomb, what does he fail to notice about Juliet? She isn’t pale/ she’s still alive
What does the frias suggest for Juliet’s future? Live with the nuns
What does capulet think has happened to Juliet? Romeo stabbed her dead body
What news does Montague share with Prince escalus when he first arrives on the scene? His wife has died from the grief of her sons banishment
How is friar Lawrence’s story confirmed? The letter Romeo wrote to his father
Kinsman to the prince and a close friend of Romeos Mercutio
Women who cared for Juliet her whole life Nurse
Juliet’s cousin Tybalt
Kinsman of the prince and the man who is supposed to marry Juliet Paris
Romeos cousin- helped get Romeos mind off rosaline Benvolio
Kinsman of mercutio and Paris- political power of Verona Prince escalus
Romeos servant Balthasar
Two servants of the house of capulets Sampson and Gregory
Montagues servant Abraham
Sold Romeo the poison- like a pharmacist Apothecary
Capulet servant who invited guest to the part Peter
Woman who Romeo is infatuated at the beginning if the play Rosaline

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