Romeo and Juliet

Gregory and Sampson servants for the capsules. they get into the 1st fight in the play.
abram servant for montages. also get into 1st fight in the play.
the servant brings Romeo the news that Juliet is dead.
benvolio montages nephew, Romeos cousin and friend,tries to prevent violence in public.
Tybalt a capulet, Julie’s cousin,becomes aggressive,kills Mercutio.
capulet father of Juliet , enemy to montages,thinks Juliet is best to marry Paris.
montague Romeos father, enemy to capulet, worried about Romeos melancholy.
Juliet daughter of capulets, age 13, falls in love with Romeo
Romeo son of montague, age 16,at first is in love with Rosalind but then falls in love with Juliet.
paris a kinsman of the prince, promises capulet he will marry juliet
prince prince of Verona,worrying about keeping peace in the town.
nurse took care of Juliet her whole life, stands as the comic relief
Mercutio Romeos close friend,hotheaded, loves wordplay,
friar lawrence friend to Romeo and Juliet, marries them in secret, expert in mystical potions and stuff.
friar John in charge of taking the plan of Juliet fake dying to Romeo
chorus functions as the narrator.
what is a Shakespearean sonnet? a sonnet that uses iambic pentameter, has 3 quatrains and a couplet.
rhyme scheme ABAB CDCD EFEF GG
iambic pentameter 5 iambs in a row ( u/u/u/u/u/ )
simile comparing two things using like or as
metaphor comparing two things not using like or as
oxymoron contradicting terms
personification giving human characteristics to a non living thing
monolouge a lengthily speech made to everyone
soliloquy when a character alone on stage expresses his or her thoughts to the audience
allusion reference to something else, for our purposes a reference to something from a work of literature in modern culture.
alliteration repeated consonant sound usually, at the beginning of words
when/where does the play take place? the late 1500s in Verona Italy.
why is romeo and Juliet a comedy? a struggle of young love,separation and unification.
why is romeo and Juliet a tragedy? ends in many deaths.
who is the comic relief? the nurse
what are romeos final words? thus with a kiss i die.
according to prince who is at fault for the death of romeo and Juliet? Montague and Capulet.
what do Montague and Capulet vow at the end of the play? they will make statues of romeo and Juliet in their honor.
who said ” let two more summers wither in their pride/ere we may think her ripe to be a bride” Capulet
how does romeo find out about the ball? an illiterate servant
what does “veronas summer hath not such a flower”refer to? paris
what does ” she speaks yet she says nothing her eye discourses” mean? Juliet is speaking but she is rambling on incoherently.
who is the prince of cats? tybalt
when friar Lawrence tells romeo that his tears were womanish what type of speech is this? monolouge
name 1 fear that Juliet does NOT express in her soliloquy from act4 scene 3? she fears that her parents will discover her plan to fake her death.
what is romeos mood in act 5? cheerful
who said “then i defy you,star” romeo
who said “o, i am slain, if thou be merciful, open the tomb,lay me with Juliet” paris

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