Romeo and Juliet

importune (sentence) Dennis promised to _________ Congress until the ban on concealed weapons became law.
Discreet sentence Spies are known to be ________ even under stressful circumstances.
Vain (Sentence) She wasn’t _______enough to turn down to prom
semblance sentence Her mouth wore its usual __________ of a smile
Expire sentence If she doesn’t get married in 90 days her visa will ______
breach in a sentence When she lie to her mom,Overtime there trust began to breach.
saucy in a sentence When my mom is wrong she will convince us in her __________ attitude that she right
purge sentence After the party we spent hours purging the trash people left in our house.
reverence sentence I want to yelled out angrier at that lady but I have_________ with authority
solemnity sentence I tried to use humor to break the solemnity in the Room.

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