Romeo and juliet

shrift meaning confession
beshrew your heart shame on you
forbear meaning put an end to
retire meaning go inside
jocund meaning cheerful
presage meaning fortell
What is the best way to paraphrase benvolios lines spoken to prince ROMEO TRIED TO STOP THE FIGHT BY REMINDING HIM OF YOUR COMMAND
rancour meaning hatred
naught meaning nothing
beseech meaning beg
doff meaning cast aside
ere meaning before
why does capulet compare juliet eyes to the sea she has been crying soo much
corse meaning corpse
ghostly meaning spiritual
romeo compares juliet to an angel
i wonder at this haste mean? she married romeo quickly
confidence to conference she really does not like the nurse
moonlight described in the balcony scence is romantic
comparison between romeo and paris die in the capulet tomb
relationship between nurse and juliet close to distrusting
character is realted to prince esculas paris
best describes the nurse comical
lady capulet act toward juliet distant and formal
who is agressive and hateful tybalt
how does juliet change in the story obedient to independent
romeo things with mercutio playful
what name can be added under montague benvolio
what does the pirnce character represent in romeo and juliet authority

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