romeo and juliet

loves light wings Romeo
he will not be hit with cupids arrow Romeo
Young man’s love lies not truly in the hearts but in their eyes friar Lawrence
blind is his love benvolio
only love sprung from my only hate juliet
oh brawling love o loving hate romeo
you are the fairest stars in all my heaven romeo
I strike quickly sampson
A dog of the house Montague moves me sampson
do you bite your thumb at us abram
I hate hell all Montagues tybalt
Neighbour stained steel prince
I think she will be Ruled in all respects by me capulet
I will drag thee capulet
disobedient wretch capulet
Starcrossed lovers prologue
hanging in the stars romeo
oh I am fortunes fool romeo
two households, both alike in dignity family chorus
wherefore art thou romeo juliet family
deny thy father and refuse thy name juliet family
hang thee, young disobedient wretch capulet family
we have a curse in having her family
i feel she will be ruler in all respects by me capulet family

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