Romeo and Juliet

The queen that reigned England over from 1558 to 1603 Elizabeth 1
William Shakespeare lived during the time period known as… Renaissance
What classes could attend plays? All classes
Shakespeare and and other shareholders of his company became owners of the… Globe Theater
Scenary in plays relied on the audiences… Imagintion
Costumes were… Elegant and helped disguise young men to look like woman
How many word/phrases did shakespeare add to the english language? 1700
Shakespeare was known as… Bard of Avon
Shakespeares wife name and number of kids? Anne Hathaway/3
What was the name of the theater company after James the first took part in it? The Kingsmen
Where does the play Romeo and Juliet take place? What time period? Verona, Italy/14th century
What insulting gesture starts the servants fighting? Biting of the thumb
Who tries to stop or part the fighting servants? Benvolio
Who stops the fighting of the servants? Price Escalus
Why is Romeo sad and gloomy at the beganing of the play? He loves a girl(Rosaline) that will never love him back
How old is Juliet? 13
What does Lady Capulet talk to Juliet about? Marriage
What does Romeo say he will do at the party? Why is he nervous to go in the first place? Be a spectator/Had a bad dream
Why arent the Montagues recognized at the entrance to the party? There wearing masks
How does Tybalt regonize Romeo at the party? His voice
What things does Romeo compare Juliet to? Sun, stars, moon, angel
What does Juliet say about names? They are meaningless
Why does Friar Lawrence agree to marry them? To end the family feud
What does Benvolio tell us Tybalt has done? Sent a letter challanging Romeo to a duel
Who is the first person to fight Tybalt? Mercutio
What happens when Romeo interferes in the fight between Tybalt and Mercutio? Mercutio gets killed
What happens in the fight between Tybalt and Romeo? Romeo kills Tybalt
Where is Romeo to go and live after banishment? Mantua
What news does Lady Capulet believe will bring joy to Juliet after the death of Tybalt? The marrige plans
What does Lord Capulet say will happen if Juliet refuses to marry Paris? He will disown her/kick her out
Why does Paris think Juliet is weeping? Death of Tybalt
What is Friar Lawrences plan? 1.Agree to marry paris and apolgize to her father.2.Go to bed alone3.Drink potion and apear to be dead for 42 hours4. Have Romeo rescue her and go with him back to Mantuag
What does Juilets father decide to do about the wedding? Wedding is moved from Thursday to Wednesday
Juliets fears about the plan/potion? 1.It wont work2.The Friar is trying to kill her with the potion3.She wakes up to early and suffocates4. The spirts will drive her insane
Why does Juliet tell the she wants to be alone? To pray
What news does Bathasar bring to Romeo in Matua? Juliets dead
Why wont the apothacary, at first sell Romeo what he wants? Its against the law punishable by death
Why does the apothecary sell the poisin to Romeo? Hes poor and needs the money
What does Friar Lawrence discover about Friar John? He was quarantied
Who is at the Capulet tomb at the beginning of the scene? Paris
Why does Romeo tell Balthasar hes going to the tomb? To get a ring/ see Juliets face
What does Paris think Romeos intentions are when he shows up at the Capulet cemetery? Desecrate the bodys
What happens in the fight between Paris and Romeo? Paris dies
What happens to Romeo after the death of Paris? He drinks the poisin and dies
Seeing that Romeo has drunk all the poison how does Juliet attempt to poison herself? Kiss the poison off his lips
How does Juliet kill herself? Stabs herself with Romeos dagger
What happened to Lady Montague and why? Dies of greif over her sons banishment
What has become of the fued between the families by the plays end? The family fued has been ended
What do the parents of Romeo and Juliet agree to do at the end of the play? Build statues of the others kid out of gold
A dramatic work that presents the downfall of a dignified character or characters down; usaully death Tragedy
Humorous scenes, incidents, or speeches that lighten the mood Comic Relief
A reference to a famous person, event, place, or piece of literature Allusion
A character who provides a striking contrast to another character Foil

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