Romeo and Juliet

What city does the play take in? Verona
What is the purpose of the prologue? To establish the setting and to give a summary
What events does the prologue foreshadow? Romeo and Juliet Die
Describe the conflict that occurs in the very beginning of Act 1? The servants of the different houses (Capulet’s and Montague’s) are quarreling
Why does Shakespeare give the prominence of the opening scene to a quarrel between minor characters? To show how deep the feud is between the to famalies
What character tries to break up the fighting? Benvolio- Romeo’s Cousin
Which character is most aggressive and eager to prolong the fight? Tybalt- Juliet’s Cousin
To which does the expression “purple fountains” (line 76) refer to? Purple fountains = Blood
What threat does the Prince make to Lord Montague and Lord Capulet? He is going to kill them both if another fight ignites between the families
How would the prince’s speech be characterized? Monologue
According to Benvolio and the Montagues, how has Romeo been acting? He has been crying, moody, sad, etc.
What poetic device is used in the description of the sun (lines 109-110)? Personification
How does Romeo describe his own predicament? He loves a girl but she does not love him back, he is love struck
Why is Romeo made to express himself so lengthily and elaborately upon the subject of his feelings for Rosaline, who never appears in the play, and whom he is to forget the instant he sees Juliet? To contrast Rosaline with Juliet and to show Juliet’s greatness, and teenagers are emotional
What is Benvolio’s advice for Romeo? Forget Rosaline and look at the other ladies
Why does Lord Capulet think it will be easy for Lord Montague and him to keep the peace? The are old and mature
How old is Juliet? 13
Who wants to marry Juliet? Paris
Why doesn’t Lord Capulet want to marry his daughter right away? She is too young
How does Lord Capulet change his mind, in response to Paris’ question? He asks him to woo her
What problem does Lord Capulet’s servant have? He cannot read
After Romeo read’s the Capulets’ party list, his crush is revealed, what is her name? Rosaline
Why Romeo decide to go to the party? To see her
What incident in this scene carries out the idea of “a pair of star-crossed lovers” mentioned in the prologue? They are crossing each other by pure luck?
Look at Juliet’s first word to her mother “Madame, I am here. What is your will?” What do these words say about Juliet’s nature? She is polite now, but she is going to be resentful
When Lady Capulet asks Juliet how she feels about marriage, what is her answer? She is not interested
Following Juliet’s answer, what does lady Capulet then tell juliet? Paris wants to marry her
Who is Susan? The nurse’s baby that dies
What kind of qualities does the nurse have? She is rude and repetitive
Why does the servant speak in prose rather than in verse, in the close of the scene? That showed the difference in social class between the characters
Re-read Lady Capulet’s sonnet. To what is Lady Capulet comparing Paris (in an extended metaphor)? A book
At the beginning of the scene, where are Romeo and his friends going? To the party so he could meet new girls
How do you know the time of day it is? It is night time because he is using a torch “Give me a torch.”
What is the significance of the fact that the young men are wearing masks to the feast?
Who is Mercutio? How does he try to snap Romeo out of his depression? He is friend of Romeo, and he tries to cheer him up by telling him a joke that all dreams are not true?
According to Mercutio who is Queen Mab, and what does he or it do? It is a fairy that gives people BS dreams
Why does Romeo ask for a torch? Because he does not want to dance at the party, he wants to be sad
Scene 4 sets up a scene of foreboding- feeling that something bad is going to happen. What does Romeo predict at the end of the scene? He will fall in love ending with his death
What does Romeo think of Juliet the first he sees her? What does this say about his nature? He thinks she very beautiful and this describes that his mood changes very quickly
How does Tybalt recognize Romeo? By his voice
When Tybalt is ready to seize Romeo and throw him out of the party, what does Capulet say to Tybalt? You are not allowed to fight otherwise the prince will kill you and Romeo is a good kid, and Capulet does not want him to ruin the party
What form of poetry is used in the dialogue between Romeo and Juliet in their first conversation? Sonnet
How does Romeo find out Juliet’s name? By the nurse
How does Juliet find out Romeo’s name? By the nurse
Examine Juliet’s line: “My grave is like my wedding bed.” Explain how the line could be considered a paradox? The wedding bed is supposed to a bed to have sex after the marriage, a grave is not
What forces are brought into conflict in this scene? Their families hate each other but Romeo and Juliet love each other

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