Romeo and Juliet

3 capulet servants Gregory, sampson and peter
Which calumet servant worked for the nurse? Peter
Romeos servant Balthasar
Character that’s Mother like to Juliet Nurse
Who besides Romeo wants to marry Juliet Paris
Montagues nephew Benvolio
Romeos friend Mercutio
The ghostly confessor Friar Lawrence
Prince of cats Tybalt
Who fails to deliver friar Lawrence’s letter to Romeo Friar John
The courageous captain of compliments Tybalt
About whom does the nurse say,…. He’s a man of wax…. he’s a flower, a very flower Paris
Who says I cannot bound a pitch above dull woe. Under loves heavy burden do I sink? Romeo
Who says I can talk of dreams, which are the children of an idle brain Mercutio
Who tries to stop the fight between the capulets and montagues servants in the first Scene Benvolio
What punishment does the prince promise if the capulets and montagues keep fight in the street? Death penalty
With whom is Romeo in love with at the beginning of the play? Rosaline
What advice does benvolio give Romeo in regards to his impossible crush on Rosaline? Forget her and find someone else
How do benvolio and Romeo hear of the capulets party? The servant needs help reading the invitation
Where is Juliet when Romeo sneaks back to the mansion On her balcony
How soon after meeting do they decide to marry The next day
Why does friar Lawrence agree to marry them He feels itll end the feud
How does mercutio die Tybalt stabbed him
What are mercutios dying words A plague on the both of your houses
How does tybalt die Romeo stabs him
How does Juliet hear of tybalts death? Nurse
Whom does lady capulets want Juliet to marry Paris
Why does capulet agree to marry Juliet off? He thinks it’ll cheer him up after tybalts death
Which characters know of their marriage Nurse and friar Laurence
What does capulet threat Juliet with if she refuses to obey him? To disown her
Why does Romeo remain unaware of friar Laurence’s plan for Juliet? He never received the letter
How does Romeo her of juliets “death” Balthasar
Why does Paris attack Romeo and juliets grave? He thought he was trying to mess with her and open up the tomb
I’d friar Laurence punished for his part on Romeos and juliets deaths?? No
Does Rosaline ever appear in the play? No
When Romeo says she does not teach to burn bright to whom is he referring Juliet
When Romeo says she’ll not be hit with clouds arrow….from loves weak childish bow she lives unharmed who is talking about? Rosaline

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