Romeo and Juliet

What does enjoin mean? to direct or order
Define fickle. changeable
What does dexterity mean? skill and ease in using the hands
What does eloquence mean? speech that is vivid, forceful, graceful, and persuasive
Define gallant. Brave and noble
What is a fray? a noisy fight
What does procure mean? get; obtain
lamentable? distressing; sad
Sallow? of a sickly, pale-yellowish complexion;sallowish (adj)sallowness (n)
Unwieldly? not easily managed, handled or used; awkward, clumsyunwieldily (adv)unwieldiness (n)
augmenting? increasing or enlargingto augment (v)augmenter (n)to become augmented (adj)
cunning? cleverness, slynesscunning (adj)
adversary? a foe, rival, or enemy
boisterous? loud or arrogant
transgression? a wrong doing or sin
heretics? those who hold to a belief that is opposed to the established teachings of a church?
Nuptial? a wedding ceremony
pernicious? Causing great injury or ruin; destructive
scourge? whip or other instrument for inflicting punishment
penury? extreme povety
apothecary? one who prepares and sell drugs and medicines
shroud? a cloth or sheet in wich a corpse is wrapped for burial
lament? to mourn deeply
wayward? headstrong; willful
What color do the Montagues where?The Capulets? Montagues: Blue greenCapulets: Yellow
Describe the Globe Theater. -could hold 3,000 spectators -3 stories-groundlings paid a penny to stand at an area at the base of the stage called the pit-it was more expensive to sit in the stadium style seats-balconies on the stage
Why in Italy? Because England is boring and any aspect that isn’t normal in Elizabethan England can be excused because “It’s Verona” and people didn’t travel often so they don’t know what other countries are like.
How does Shakespeare introduce the story? With minor characters; the servants.Within the first act, he is able to provide background information for the audience to understand the world of the play.
Foils? Benvolio and Tybalt: Both cousins, peaceful/loyal/honesthateful/boisterous/just noNurse and Lady Capulet: -rich noble woman, proper mother, doesn’t really talk much to Juliet-raised her, breastfed her, devoted to Juliet, more like a modern mother, not proper at all and tends to say things at inappropriate timesMercutio and Benvolio-Mercutio is like Romeo; he is witty and moody and he can appreciate Romeo’s humor; beats around the bush-Benvolio: very literal and straightforward

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