Romeo and Juliet

The two children- Romeo and Juliet are meant to be together bc the stars dictate their destiny What does Shakespeare mean by “star crossed lovers”?
“A pair of Star crossed lovers take their life” What exact words in the prologue tell you that Romo and Juliet end up commuting suicide in the play?
The chorus asks the audience to listen carefully and patiently to the play bc the actors will fix anything that’s left our of the prologue Translate- The which if you with patient ears attend, what where shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend
Shakespearean Sonnet What is the name of the poetic form which Shakespeare uses for the prologue?
Upper class: people related to king/queen by blood (rich)Lower class: not royal blood (poor) Describe the class system that was set up during Shakespeare’s time
Oxymorons Two opposite words that actually make sense
Love is an oxymoron meaning love is confusing Why does Shakespeare use love as an oxymoron throughout the play?
Juliet speaks in high poetry because she is upper class, but the nurse speaks in poetry but not as high or fine as Juliet Describe Juliet’s language differing from how the Nurse speaks.
FickleImpulsive Obsessed In love with love Give adjectives that describe Romeo
Juliet is talking to herself about Romeo and Romeo is talking to himself about Juliet (after party). Romeo hears her then they both express their love for each other and agree to marriage Describe the balcony scene
Juliet is the sun (more beautiful and full of light) and Rosaline is the moon (less beautiful) In the play give give an example of how metaphor is used when Romeo compares Rosaline to Juliet.
“A plague o’ both your houses!” What does mercutio say before he dies?
Serpent.. with a flowering face Dragon [with] so fair a cave Beautiful tyrant fiend Angelical When Juliet finds out the Romeo has killed Mercutio what words does she use to describe him?
Juliet’s been grieving over Tybalt Why hasn’t Paris has time to talk to Juliet about marriage when he decides he’s going to marry her ob Thursday?
The feast Sunday
Romeo and Juliet Marry and Mercutio and Tybalt die Monday
Word or phrase open to two interpretations, usually one indecent Double entendre
Prince of Cats What’s Tybalt’s sword fighting nickname?
Humorous sections to give a break to the tragic events Comic relief
The nurse Who in the film is an example of comic relief?
Balthasar and Abram Who are Lord Montague’s servants?
Ifectous desieae that caused 1000 deaths per week Plague
In Shakespeare’s time the plague was very common killing people Why did Shakespeare write a lot about death?
When so many people died When was the theater closed?
Tybalt Juliet’s cousin/ relative of the capulets
Strange and lovelorn At the beginning of the play what kind of behavior does Romeo have?
He loves a women that has sworn into a life of chastity Why is Romeo sad at the beginning of the play?
Capulet feels that Juliet is too young for marriage Why does Capulets hesitate when Paris asks him for permission to Marry Juliet?
Juliet’s initial address to her mother shows that she is submissive and obedient When Lady Capulet asks the nurse to get Juliet to talk to her, how does Juliet act?
Paris is so perfect, he’s a “man of wax” How does the nurse describe Paris’s appearance?
Juliet speaks on high poetry What does this say about Juliet’s language?”I’ll look to like if look liking move”
Romeo says this foreseeing from the stars that the party will end in something bad and “untimely death”. He decides to confront his fate and sets off for the party “Some consequence yet hanging in the starsShall bitterly begin his fearful date…By some vile forfeit of untimely death”- who says this and what is happening?
Romeo talks about how she “teach[es] the torches to burn bright”, she’s like a jewel on an “Ethiop’s ear”, and her beauty is too good for the world What does Romeo say about Juliet when he sees her for the first time?
The moon is always changing In the balcony scene why doesn’t Juliet want Romeo to swear his love by the moon?
He agrees to marry her How does Romeo prove that he really loves Juliet?
Fair Lawrence Who is Romeo’s spritual advisor?
Men have good and evil like the flower has poison that can cause data and medicine that cam cure How does frair Lawrence compare men to the flowers he sees in the graden?
Act 2 after he agrees to Romeo that he will marry Romeo and Juliet? When Does Frair Lawrence show fordashowing that those who go fast will stumble and fall?
They fear that Romeo isn’t in any state to fight Tybalt because he’s love sick Why are Mercutio and Bwnvolio worried about Tybalt’s challenge to Romeo?
Juleit, Romeo and Paris die Wednesday
Fued A state of continuing mutual hostility between families or communities
The renaissance When Queen Elizabeth ruled in Elgland, what period was going on?
There was economic and political stability, thriving commerce, music, and inventions Why was the reign of Queen Elizabeth “the golden age”?
The theatre What was England’s first theatre called?
1599 When was “The Globe” opened?
Octagonal with a central stage open to the sky What was the structure of the Globe theatre?
1576 When was “The theatre” opened?
He thinks that the marriage will create piece between the two houses Why does Frair Lawrence agree to Marry Romeo and Juliet?
James Burbage Who was England’s first successful theatre built by?
James Burbage’s son- Richard Burbage Who built “The Globe”?
The pit was where the “groundlings” who paid a penny to stand and watch the play What was the pit of “The Globe Theatre” used for?
Members who were covered by shelter paid more to watch the play and they were in elegant box seats for member of nobility What were the galleries or tiers of “The Goble” theatre?
Afternoon to use natural light When did plays usually take place? Why?
There were stage doors where actors entered and left, a trap door, and the gallery- used as a second stage What was the stage used for?
Aside When Romeo says “shall I head more, or shall I speak at this?” When Juleit is speaking on the balcony about how she doesn’t want Romeo’s to be a Montague, what type of dramatic literary term is used?

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