Romeo and Juliet

allusion a reference to well-know people, places, myths, or literature
anti-Stratfordian someone who does not believe that Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare’s play
apathy emotional emptiness
astrologer someone who uses the position of the moon, the sun, planets, and starts to interpret
blank verse unrhymed iambic pentameter
changeling a baby switched with another by fairies
choleric decisive, hot headed, quick tempered, easily angered
comedy a dramatic or literary work in which adversity is overcome and events come to a happy conclusion
confidant a trusted person with whom secrets are shared
continuum a link between two or more things; a plane or line
contrived unconvincing; intended to look authentic but actually planned
cynical sarcastic and distrustful or human nature
despondency state of being very unhappy
determination a fixed purpose
disenfranchise to deprive a person of legal rights and protection
disparate very different, incomparable
dramatic irony the difference between what the audience knows and the character expects
epitome a typical example of a type, mode, class, or characteristic
exonerate to declare someone free of guilt
extant still existing
fatalist someone who believes that humans cannot change their destinies
fickle inconsistent, likely to change or reverse
foreshadowing clues or hints of forthcoming events in literature
gentry the english upper class ranking just below the nobility
hyperbole an obvious, explicit exaggeration used to make a point
melancholy prone to thoughtfulness, sadness, or depression
melodrama displaying exaggerated emotions and language
motif relating to the theme, structure, contrast, or literary device in literature
mundane everyday, common, of this world
normative relating to a standard of behavior or social expectation
objectify to reduce a complex person to a simple object
ominous threatening or suggestive of something bad about to happen
oxymoron a combination of words that contradict each other for effect, as in loud silence
paradox a statement that appears to contradict itself
patron a person who financially supports an artist or art
Petrarchan lover a character type in the Renaissance; behavior includes idolizing an unattainable woman, speaking in oxymorons, and exhibiting feelings of despair
phlegmatic calm, slow, stolid, unemotional
posthumous happening after the death of the person
reconciliation the ending of a conflict
sanguine confident, optimistic, passionate, flightly
status quo the state of affairs that currently exist
Stratfordian someone who believes Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare’s plays
temperance moderation, restraint, and self-contrl
theology religious theory; a theory of belief
tragedy a dramatic or literary work in which the protagonist suffers loss and/or death
troupe a traveling group of actors, singers, or dancers
unattainable impossible to reach

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