Romeo and Juliet

Whom does Juliet meet at Friar Laurence’s cell? What is e doing there? -Juliet meets Paris-Paris was talking about the wedding plans
What does Juliet utter that can be taken as an accusation of friar Laurence for his failure to help more She says that he lied
What promise does Juliet make to her father? He will always be in charge of her and she will always obey him
Explain Capulet’s reaction to her changed behavior Capulet is so extremely happy and excited that he moved up her marriage with Paris
What does Capulet offer to do that he wouldn’t do usually in order to get ready for Juliet’s wedding? He offers to do the chores of the women
What request does Juliet make of the nurse and her mother Not to sleep with her- leave her alone for the night
Why does Juliet take a dagger to bed with her? To forbid the chance of her being married the next morning
What is Juliet’s fear about friar Laurence? That the potion will actually kill her
What are 3 of Juliet’s fears about ending “dead” -she’ll suffocate-she’ll see ghosts (such as Tybalt)-she will be stuck with the dead
Why doesn’t the nurse discover that Juliet is “dead” right away She thinks she’s sleeping
What does Capulet personify in lines 38-43 DEATH
What does friar Laurence chide with Juliet’s family for something? That her family killed her by making her get married so soon
How would all the preparations for the feast be changed to Juliet’s “death” Wedding feast would turn into funeralEx: happy to sad music
What does Romeo dream? Romeo dreams Juliet found him dead
What does Romeo expect from Verona? A letter
What news does he receive? Juliet’s dead
What is the penalty for selling poisons in mantua? Death
Why does Romeo think he can buy poison nevertheless? The guy is desperate for money and poor so he’ll do it for the money
For what kind of poison does Romeo ask the apothecary? Fast acting
What does Romeo mean in line 86 when he says to the apothecary “…” Money is poisonPoison isn’t poison
Why does Romeo call the poison a cordial? He sees it as wine (relief)
Why is Paris in the churchyard? To visit Juliet’s grave
Retell the instructions Romeo gives Balthasar Stay out here or I’ll kill you
What reasons does he give Balthasar for his going to the womb? Say bye to Juliet- take the wedding ring baxk
What does Balthasar do Hides in bushes
Does Romeo intend to kill Paris when he sees him in the churchyard? No. Because he says “get away or I’ll kill you”
Why does friar Laurence leave? Guards cameDoesn’t want to get caught
What conclusion does the prince draw about the deaths The family fued caused the deaths

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