Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet setting 1500s Verona italy written and presented based on prior story in 1470s
2 familys Lady Montague Lady Capulet
Characters for Romeo Prince-eccaules fryer- priest Cousin- benvolio
Characters for Juliet Lady Cap. Nurse Cuz tibial Cuz Rosanna
Shakespeare Plays performed Daylight, poor people stood, contained 3000 people, no scenery, was 2 hrs long, and was written in blank verse were everything had 10 silabloles
Shaspire background born in 1564-1616 married Anne Hathaway at 18 in 1582 and in 1888 they had great pride in England and defeated the Spanish Armour
The 1st fight servants from both families fight (Capitals start it) Ben stop fighting then Ty-bolt appears and starts fighting . The prince arrives and ben. tells the truth about the fight and sees Romeo and he ignores Ben. Romeo runs crying in his room and Ben goes to talk t him.
The Party (scence 3) lady Cap, Nurse, julieit -Capitulates having a party-Roslyn is the girl Romeo loves-Honor i dream not of is what she thinks about marriage-Paris likes juliet
Scene 4 Romeo Ben mil they are on there way to the party**very dangerous romeo sees juliet and teaches torched there love is fickle. Tybolt see romeo and gets mad. romeo touches her hand and kisses it 2 times she said i she marries she will kill herself
Balcony Romeo sees her on balcony- she says his name is his enemy shes asks how he got there she says wings of love Romo wants to marry.
Quotes 1line 94 “one faier..” romeo says this to boslen about Roslen
Quote 2 line 44 “she doth teaches…” Romeo to ben about juliet shows how fickle his love is
Quote 3 “I fear too early…” romeo to himself (slliacy) before he enters Capulet house
Marrige Romeo asks the friar if they could marry him and juliet, Friar shocked but agrees even though he can tell there parents Romeo calls her “sail”. At 3 o’clock ghe tells juliet to come to confections, she goes and they are married now.
The dual tybolt challenges to romeo to dual, romeo appears and tries to stop trouble cause of marriage (dramatic irony) rocushio fight with tybolt romeo kills tybolt and Romeo is exiled to Mantile
Act 3 Suiside juliet waits for Romeo come to her room to have a wedding night but the nurse comes in upset holding a rope juliet thinks romeo is dead (dramatic irony) Juliet threaten suicide if romeo is dead then Romeo threatens suicide
the night There gonna have a wedding night says there goodbyes(forshadowing) she hinks she sees a dead tomb
the plan Friars room she is gonna give consent be happy drink whats in cup be dead for 42 hrs tell romeo frisar will come in morning
reaction “hang”- dad yelling cause she wont marry paris
Act 5 Baldvaiser- Romeo servant wants to come to manufacture to tell romeo juliet is dead(dramatic irony) goes there finds out that she is dead and kills himself with the posion

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