Romeo and Juliet

Between what two families does the feud exist Montague and capulet
What decree is the prince make after the street brawl That if The fight happens again he will kill whoever caused it
What advice does Benvolio give Romeo about Rosaline To find someone else to get his mind off of Rosaline
How does Capulet respond to Paris’s proposal to marry Juliet He said no, but he could Court her and will her and she has the choice to marry her when she’s 15
How do Romeo and Benvolio learn about the Capulet ball, what did they decide to do They learned about it from a servant who can’t read, they decide to go
How does Juliet feel about getting married Doesn’t want anything to do with it
How old is Juliet, what is Lammastide, One what date does it come 13 and turning 14, it’s Juliet’s birthday and it comes July 31
When and where does act one scene 4 Take Place Sunday at the house of capulet
Explain Romeos speech from lines 116-123 act one scene four He was being smooth with the way he kissed her
In act one scene 5 what is Romeo talking about in lines 49-59 How Beautiful he thinks Juliet is
Why does tybault become so upset, and how does Capulet respond to his rage He becomes upset because he realizes Romeo is a Montague, and Capulet says to let it be
Who said this line”is she a Capulet? Oh dear account my life is my foes debt” Romeo
Who says this line” my only love sprung from my only hate to early seen unknown and known too late” Juilet
Why did they say these lines They both like to be together but they can’t be together because of their families feud
Where does Romeo go once the party is over He goes to Juliet’s Garden to see her
How did Mercutio try to get Romeo to come out of hiding after the party Makes a lot of noise and tries to convince him that Roslyn’s around
In act two scene two interpret the lines 41 to 52 Juliet tries to convince yourself that her name is just a meaningless word that has nothing to do with the person
After Juliet realizes that Romeo has overheard her confession of love for him what is she concerned my happened He would think differently about her, he would think that she is too quick to fall in love
Before Romeo leaves Juliet what did they decide to do, how long have they known each other They decide to get marriedthey have known each other for only a few hours
Who is Romeo meet with you to discuss what he and Juliet have decided to do Friar lawrence
Interpret lines 34 to 44 in act two scene three It is basically saying that you disturbed mine could make you get up so early, fryer was wondering if it was normal for someone as young as Romeo to be up all night
According to friar Lawrence where does men’s love lie In their eyes
Why does friar Lawrence agree to marry Romeo and Juliet He believes it will and the feud between the two families
Who sends a letter to the Montague house about Romeo Tybault
How does the nurse feel about Mercutio She thinks he is a gentleman because he is kind to her
What is the nurse is concerned in act two scene for from lines 169 to 175 The nearest ones Romeo that he better mean what he says to Juliet about marrying her
What does to make keep counsel, putting one away mean who said it Don’t hide your men The nurse said it
Why is Julia complaining and her opening speech in Cine five The nurse said she would be home in 30 minutes and she was gone for three hours
What are the nurses complains when she speaking with Juliet She is very tired and needs to sit down for a minute
Where does Juliet have to go to Mary Romeo Friar Lawrence’s cell
What is friar Lawrence’s concern with regards to Romeo and Juliet He fears that there will be a violent end
What do Romeo and Juliet do at the end of this act They thank each other for each other
What are Mercutio and Benvolio arguing about it the beginning of the scene Being hot tempered and eager to fight
Why does Romeo dismiss tables for Chris to fight, how does table take this Because he just metJuliet
What does a play oboe your house mean, and who says it Mercutio, a curse on both houses
Who is responsible for Mercutio’s death Romeo
What is the princess punishment for Romeo killing tybault Banishment
What is Juliet waiting/wishing for at the beginning of seen two in act three Romeo
How does the nurse confused Juliet with the news of the fight She says that Romeo is that at first and then clears it up later
Explain line 79 to 91 in act three scene to what kind of literary devices it She is conflicted because Romeos her husband but Tybault is her family, oxymoron
What is Juliet’s reaction to hearing Romeos punishment It’s worse than tables death because she can’t see Romeo
What is Romeo’s reaction to hearing his own punishment He would rather die than be banished because he can’t see Juliet
Explains line 30 to 250 for an act three scene three Romeo is caught up on the word banishment, Just like Juliet, he is not free because he’s banished from her
What does romeo try to do to himself during the scene, who stops him He tries to kill himself but friar Lawrence stops him
What is friar Lawrence’s advice to Romeo in act three scene three Get a hold of your self, by killing yourself you’re killing Julia too. He gives him a bunch of reasons to be happy
What did the nurse give to Romeo from Juliey The rain, it shows the love there although he killed tybault
Explain the complication added to rising action in the scene Lord Capulet says that Paris can marry Juliet on Thursday
Explain the use of the nightingale and the Lark in Romeo and Juliet’s opening lines to each other in the scene Juliet is pretending the night(nightingale) is what’s making Romeo leave, even though that she knows it’s morning(lark) renew Gibson and says he’ll stay if Juliet wishes even if staying means death
Why does Lady Capulet think Juliet is upset Because of tybaults death
What is Lady Capulet’s plan for Romeo To have him poisoned
From lines 105 to 114 in act three scene five to explain Juliet is saying without Romeo she is dead
Why is Capulet so upset with Juliet how does this seem compared to act one scene two Because Juliet doesn’t want to marry Paris
What is the nurses advice To forget about Romeo
Explain the plan Juliet and friar Lawrence make The friar is going to give Julia a poison that will knock her out for two days and then when she wakes up Romeo will be there and they will run away together
Julia is so convincing that she wants the wedding to happenthat her father move the wedding to Wednesday what problem does this create It doesn’t give her enough time to drink the potion in for Romeo to receive the letters to come get her
What are Juliet’s fears as she drink the poison She might die, she may have to marry Paris, she might wake up before Romeo gets there, she’ll see tybault, she’ll go crazy
Explain the dramatic irony in what friar Lawrence says when the people show up at the graveyard He knows that Julia is still alive so it’s dramatic irony
Where does act five scene one take place In the street of Mantua
Explain Romeos dream and what literary device is implemented here Romeo died and Juliet kissed him and he woke up, this is foreshadowing
Who brings Romeo the news that Juliet is dead Balthasar
Why does Romeo choose the apothecary he went to He chose this apothecary because he is really pouring use the money made from the poison
Why does the apothecary has attained selling the item to Romeo, why is he finally sell it to him Because it’s an illegal poison, but he agrees because he needs the money
Who does friar Lawrence trust with important letter to Romeo His messenger
Why is the letter not delivered to Romeo Because fryer John in the Lawrence were helping people and officials thought the house that they were in had the plague so they couldn’t see anyone
What is friar Lawrence’s plan now how long will it be before Juliet wakes up He is going to go get her himself, three hours
Why is Paris at Juliet’s tomb To leave her flowers
Why does Perez think Romeo has come to the Capulet’s TOmb To take the bodies of the Montague
Who kills Parist what is his last request Romeo kills Paris and his last request was to be buried with Juliet
What does Romeo notice about Juliet before he drinks the poison The death has had no effect on her she is still beautiful
What thing is personified in the last scene Death
Where does friar Lawrence want to take Juliet To live with the nuns
What four accounts of tragedies does the prince hear Romeo and Juliet are dead the friar knew more than anyone. How Romeo knew about Juliet’s death and about Paris bringing Juliet flowers
What do the Capulet and Montague pledge to do for the other Make a gold statue for Romeo and Juliet and stop the feud
Who is Benvolio Romeo’s cousin. Montague
Who is Lady Montague Mother of Romeo
Who is Lord Montague Father of Romeo
Who is Abram Servant of the Lord Montague
Who is Balthasar Servant of Romeo. Montague
Who is Mercutio Friend of Romeo kinsman to the prince
Who is friar Lawrence Mary’s Romeo and Juliet and AIDS Juliet by faking her death
Who is tybault Cousin of Juliet and he kills Mercutio
Who is Paris Engaged to Juliet, kinsman to the prince
Who is prince escalus The prince of Verona
Who is Lord Capulet Father of Juliet
Who is Lady Capulet Mother of Juliet
Who is Peter Servant of the nurse. Capulet
Who are Sampson and Gregory Servants to Lord Capulet, are armed with swords
Who is the nurse Someone who Juliet seeks comfort from
Who is Romeo He loves Juliet
Who is Juliet She loves Romeo

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