Romeo and Juliet

situational irony contrast between what is expected and what really happens
dramatic irony contrast between what the character thinks he knows and what the audience knows
blank verse no rhyme, iambic pentameter (5 pairs of da-DUMs)
What is the dramatic function of Mercutio’s Queen Mab speech? Episode – ceases movement, prevents rapid development in the story
What is the purpose of the Servingmen disagreeing with each other? Foreshadowing of conflicts between Romeo, Mercutio and Tybalt
What is the dramatic purpose of Friar Laurence’s first soliloquy? To reveal his character and to reveal the ethical motive of the play
Why has Shakespeare ended Mercutio’s dramatic life so early in the play? Up to that point he played an important dramatic role, but it’s time for Romeo to be assertive and be the hero; Mercutio’s defiant spirit, his vivacity, gaiety and wit would not be appropriate for the following tragic events
When is the climax of the play? When Romeo is banished and when Juliet refuses to marry Paris
What is the dramatic purpose of repeated references by Juliet to suicide? To impress it more strongly on audience’s mind, and foreshadowing her death
Main theme of the play? Battle between love and hate (love is victorious), Romeo says, “Here’s much to do with hate, but more with love.”
Personality and function of Friar Laurence? Adviser & guide, contrast to Romeo and Juliet’s passion and unreasonable characters, the “normal” character.
What are the Nurse’s most important dramatic functions? She dramatically connects Romeo and Juliet; embodiment of humour, sparkling, cynical, audacious sallies contrast with the tragic in the play.
soliloquoy lengthy speech to oneself
monologue lengthy speech addressed to other characters onstage

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