Romeo and juliet

London, England location of the globe theater
Stratford upon avon shakespeare’s birthplace
Verona, Italy setting of the play
to quiet down the audience and set scene for play foreshadowing of the prologue
death is punishment if they fight prince’s threat
Paris needs to wait, but if Juliet consents, then he will too capulet’s response when Paris asks for Juliet’s hand in marriage
he had a strange dream Romeo’s reluctance to go to the ball
he is a well mannered boy why capulet allows Romeo to stay at the party
the feuding family and Paris and Juliet’s arranged marriage obstacles faced by Romeo and juliet
he immediately falls in love Romeo’s first glimpse of Juliet at the ball
to end the feud friar agreeing to marry Romeo and Juliet
Tubalt challenges Romeo to a duel and they are worried because he is love struck Tybalt’s challenge to Romeo and why Benvolio and Mercutio worry about him fighting
Benvolio is peace loving, Mercutio is a fighter compare/ contrast Mercutio and Benvolio
Mercutio and Nurse comic relief/ characters
used to show inner conflict use of oxymorons and personification and their purpose
Juliet loves Romeo/ Rosaline does not love Romeo contrast Romeo’s love for Juliet and Rosaline
Don’t act on instinct Friar’s advice to “love moderately”
Tybalt killed Mercutio Romeo’s motivation to kill Tybalt
the feuding families Who Mercutio blames for his death
she changes her mind and agrees because she knows that she will drink the potion Juliet’s feelings about marrying Paris
He’s happy and moves the wedding up a day How Capulet responds to her changing her mind about marrying Paris
She goes back and forth between Romeo and Paris Juliet’s distrust in the nurse
he feels it is too rushed Friar’s apprehension about the wedding plans between Juliet and Paris
he’s an expert important facts about Friar Laurence and his knowledge of plants
she’s afraid it’s a poison Juliet’s apprehension on taking the potion and the effects of it
The Friar is detained in the city why the Friar’s message to Romeo never makes it to Mantua
he can’t live if Juliet is not alive Romeo’s motivation to kill himself
died of heartache of Romeo dying Lady Montagues death
Romeo drinks poison/ Juliet stabs herself events that are direct causes of Romeo and Juliet’s death
he acts on instinct without thinking before doing character flaws in Romeo that lead to his downfall
creative energy/ modern world views/ inventions Elizabethan Age
No women on stage, elaborate costumes, happens only in daylight hours Drama rules regarding stage performances
unhealthy to be a groundling because of the plague and everyone was in close proximity Groundlings

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