Romeo and Juliet 14-25

Bawdy{Dealing with sexual matters in a comical way}With such bawdy language, it is not surprising the novel is not being carried in religious bookstores. Word Parts-Root: NonePrefix: None Suffix: None Word Forms-Noun: BawdinessVerb: noneAdjective: Bawdier, Bawdiest Adverb: Bawdily
Forbear (v.t.){a) to refrain from b) to be patient or tolerant}He carefully forbore any mention of her name for fear of upsetting them. Word Parts-Root: fore- front beforePrefix: None Suffix: None Word Forms-Noun: ForbearAdjective:Adverb: Verb: Forbear
Amorous{Showing or expressing loveInclined to love, especially sexual loveShe knew she had to combat her amorous habits. Word Parts-Root: amor (love; liking)Prefix: NoneSuffix: ous (full of; having)Word Forms-Noun: amorousnessVerb: NoneAdj: amorousAdv: amorously
Beguile{to mislead, deceive, to charm or divert}The salesman beguiled him into buying a car he did not want. Word Parts-Guile- To deceiveSuffix: NonePrefix: Be- about, makeWord Forms-Noun: BeguilementAdjective: Beguiled, BeguilingVerb: NoneAdverb: Beguilingly
Apothecary {A druggist}The apothecary supplied me with natural medications. Word Parts-Root: NonePrefix: None Suffix: None Word Forms-Noun: ApothecaryVerb: noneAdjective: noneAdverb: none
Penury {Extreme Poverty}The homeless man begged for money because he was in a penury state. Word Parts-Root: NonePrefix: Pen (Almost, Scarcely) Suffix: None Word Forms-Noun: PenuryVerb: noneAdjective: noneAdverb: none
Inexorable (adj):{ unyielding; not giving in to pleading}After several attempts, I finally gave up on begging my mom to let me go out. I knew she would remain inexorable. Word Parts-Prefix: In- notRoot- or- to speakSuffix: Able- having a skill Word Forms-Adverb: InexorablyNoun: Inexorability, InexorablenessAdjective- InexorableVerb- None
Inauspicious{unfavorable; showing signs of failing result}Since I hit a car backing out of my driveway, I would definitely describe my first driving experience as inauspicious. Word Parts-Root: Aus- (Hear, listen)Prefix: In- (into, inject, inside…)Suffix: Ous- (full of, having)Word Forms-Noun- InauspiciousVerb- noneAdjective- InauspiciousAdverb- Inauspiciously
Sepulcer{a burial vault}The scribe recited a poem describing the forgotten sepulcher of a valiant knight of the Middle Ages. Word Parts-Root: sept (enclosure, partition) or sepelire (to bury)Prefix: se (apart, away, by oneself, self, itself)Suffix: None Word Forms-Noun: sepulcher, sepulchreVerb: sepulchre Adjective: noneAdverb: none
Dire{Having or warning of terrible consequences; disastrous}The earthquake left the city in dire condition. Word Parts-Root: NonePrefix: None Suffix: None Word Forms-Noun: DirenessAdjective: DireVerb: NoneAdverb: Direly
Scourge{a) a whipb) a means of inflicting punishment or painc) a cause of affliction, like pestilence or war}The disease continues to be a scourge in the developing world. Word Parts-Root: NonePrefix: None Suffix: None Word Forms-Noun: ScourgeVerb: ScourgeAdjective: noneAdverb: none

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