Romeo and Juliet #14-25

bawdy(n) Bawainess, (adj) Bawdy, (adv) BawdilyPrefix: Root: Suffix RibaldSentence: My mother cringed at my brothers bawdy story.
Forbear(n) (v) Forbear (adj) forbearing (adv) forbearinglyPrefix: For Root: Suffix: Bear (n.) patience, restraint, toleration (The doctor showed great forbearance in calming down the angry patient who shouted insults at him.)Sentence: We decided to forbear provoking him
Amorous(n) amorousness (v) (adj) amorous (adv) amorouslyPrefix: Amor Root: Suffix Ous Expressing love or the state of being in loveSentence: The man was acting amorously after seeing a women
Beguile(n) Beguiler (v) beguile (adj) (adv) beguilinglyPrefix: Be Root: Suffix ile (v.) to trick, deceive (The thief beguiled his partners into surrendering all of their money to him.)Sentence: Don’t be beguiled by his innocent look
Apothecary(n) Apothecary (v) (adj) (adv)Prefix: apo Root: Suffix druggistSentence: I believe the apothecary can help with your sickness right now.
Penury(n) Penury (v) (adj) (adv)Prefix: Root: Suffix Extreme povertySentence: Penury ruled the streets when the black death was around.
Inexorable(n) inexorability (v) (adj) Inexorable (adv) ExorablyPrefix: in, ex Root: or Suffix able RelentlessSentence: The dog wanted to run faster, but his owner’s leash was inexorable
Paramour(n) Paramour (v) (adj) (adv)Prefix: para Root: Suffix A loverSentence: Romeo and Juliet are both paramours.
Inauspicious(n) inauspiciousness (v) (adj) inauspicious (adv) inauspiciouslyPrefix: in Root: auspic Suffix Ous (adj.) unfavorable, unlucky, suggesting bad luck for the futureSentence: Because of the boy’s grades his teachers saw him inauspicious
Sepulcher(n) Sepulcher (v) Sepulcher (adj) (adv)Prefix: se Root: Suffix er A tomb, grave, or burial placeSentence: The king was buried in a secret sepulcher
Dire(n) Direness (v) (adj) Dire (adv) DirelyPrefix: di Root: Suffix fraught with extreme dangerSentence: The circumstances are now more dire than ever.
Scourge(n) Scourge (v) Scourge (adj) (adv)Prefix: Root: Suffix (n.) A cause of affliction or suffering; a source of severe punishment or criticismSentence: After the slave disobeyed orders, the master hurt him by means of scourge

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