Romeo and Juliet

for which of the two houses do Gregory and Sampson work? capulets
why do Gregory and Sampson not admit that they are biting their thumbs at the Montagues? they know that if they say so they will start the fight, and they will be blamed when the fight starts
what part does Benvolio play when he arrives on the scene? Benvolio tries to stop the fight, telling them to “put up thy swords”
who arrives to interfere, and what does he say to Bolvolio? Tybalt, a capulet, arrives and gets angry with Gregory and Sampson for not fighting the Montagues. He tells Benvolio that he hates peace, Benvolio, and all the Montagues. They fight.
what does the prince say about what has happened and the penalty will be the next time? the Prince reminds the families that this is the third time they have broken the peace, and if they do it again, “Your lives will pay the forfeit of the peace.” they will be killed for fighting
romeo has been unhappy, crying, and hiding. What is wrong with him? Romeo is in love with a girl (Rosaline), who doesn’t love him back.
Give examples of OXYMORONS Romeo uses as he describes his problem to Benvolio. why,then, O brawling love! O loving hate! O anything, of nothing first create! O heavy lightness! Seriousvanity! Mis-shapen chaos of well-seeming forms! Feather of lead, bright smoke, cold fire, sick health! Still-waking sleep.
give an evidence of Romeo’s youthfulness in relation to his love for Rosaline. he cannot forget Rosaline until someone comes along that will return his love (juliet)
how do Romeo and Benvolio find out about the party at the Capulet’s? a servant of Capulet can’t read the guest list and asks Romeo, not knowing he is a Montague, to read it for him.
how does Benvolio convince Romeo to go to the party? he tells him that Rosaline will be there
what does the nurse’s story about Juliet as a child tell us about how the nurse feels about juliet? what does Lady Capulet’s anger, telling the nurse to be quiet, tell us about her feelings for juliet? That the nurse was Juliet’s real mother, who actually looked after her. Lady Capulet is a rich woman who hired a nurse to do the mother’s job. She doesn’t care so much for charming stories about her own daughter.
what is the difference between Romeo and Mercutio’s opinion of dreams, shown in Mercutio’s passionate speech? Romeo feels dreams are very important, and totally truthful about one’s feelings, and ones’s destiny. Mercutio is very negative about dreams. He refers to the myth of Queen Mab, a fairy that poisons people’s minds with dreams that only cause problems or disappointment the dreamer. He starts to become a little mad(crazy) in his vehement attack on dreams. He is becoming annoyed with Romeo’s endless sadness.
Romeo makes a very important, foreshadowing prediction after Mercutio’s dream speech. What is the prediction, and how does it relate to the play’s plot? Romeo senses that some misadventure will begin that night, one that will end in tragedy. Romeo resigns himself to this knowing that he cannot stop it or know what it will be. It is important to the play because he predicts the disastrous end with Juliet, and his own death.
what is Romeo’s reaction when he first sees Juliet? He falls absolutely in love with her. He forgets all about Rosaline, saying that he has never loved until now. “For i ne’er saw true beauty till this night.”
who recognizes Romeo at the party, and what is his reaction? Tybalt notices Romeo, and he wants to kill him.
How does Capulet react to Tybalt’s desire to kill Romeo? Capulet warns him not to attack Romeo at the party, because it would ruin the part, and Romeo is known to be a good boy. Capulet doesn’t want Romeo killed.
explain the meaning of the saints and lips and kissing dialogue between Romeo and Juliet. Romeo wants to kiss Juliet, and says that even priests and saints have lips (to kiss with.) Juliet jokingly answers that priests and saints pray with their lips, not kiss.
What do Romeo and Juliet find out about each other that upsets them both? They find out that each other belong to the enemy family.
where had Romeo gone to get away from Mercutio and Benvolio after the party? He has gone to Juliet’s yard
what is the meaning of Romeo’s comment: “He jests at scars that never felt a wound”? he is saying that Mercutio’s kidding around with Rosaline’s name doesnt bother him, because he has forgotten all about Rosaline.
Romeo has a quiet SOLILOQUY(private speech) as he sees Juliet. What poetic device, other than CONCEIT(extended metaphor), does Shakespeare use in this speech by Romeo? Hyperbole, as he compares Juliet as better and better until she is beyond anything in the universe
what poetic device is used here as juliet speaks to Romeo, whom she thinks is not there? Apostrophe
what satisfaction does Romeo ask from Juliet before he leaves her at the balcony? he wants Juliet to openly proclaim that she loves him, so that he may do so to her,too.
what arrangement do Romeo and Juliet make for the next day? That Juliet shall send a messenger to Romeo by nine o’clock to ask is Romeo still wishes to marry her
what does Frair Laurence explain about plants and nature as he tends his garden? how is this important to the theme of the play? That nature is beautiful, but that it also contains many things that can be both medicine(life) and poison(death). It again warns the reader (audience) that Romeo and Juliet’s wonderful love, as good as it seems, may be filled with dangers and death. This is foreboding in the story.
Romeo asks the friar to marry him and Juliet together. How does the friar react to this announcement by Romeo? He says that this is a big chance in too short a time. He warns that marrying Juliet could cause much trouble because their families are enemies. He adds that Romeo couldn’t know her very well, and that Romeo just loves her because she is so pretty.
why does the friar agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? he thinks their marriage will cause their families to unite and stop the violence between them
what important warning does the friar give Romeo in the last line of this scene? “They stumble that run fast,” meaning that decisions people make quickly often go wrong.
why has Tybalt sent a letter to Romeo’s father? he is challenging Romeo to a duel, so that he may kill Romeo(The letter is later used as proof of Tybalt’s involvement in the troubles between the families).
what does Mercutio tell us about Tybalt, and about Romeo’s changes against him? that Tybalt is the “Prince of Cats” (the best fighter), and that Romeo stands little chance against him.
what does the nurse ask of Romeo? If he is ready to marry Juliet
what does the nurse warm Romeo about, in regards to how he treats Juliet? that he had better not do anything to break her heart. She tells Romeo that she tried to discourage Juliet from marrying him, but she wouldn’t listen (the nurse is exhibiting her “motherly” instinct)
what does Romeo ask the nurse to tell Juliet to do? Go to Friar Laurence’s cell(church) to be married in secret that afternoon
how does the nurse tease Juliet after coming back from seeing Romeo? she refuses to tell Juliet Romeo’s reply, saying that she is tired and needs to rest
on what aspects of Romeo do the nurse and Juliet agree? the nurse assures Juliet that Romeo is truly handsome and gentle.
what job must the nurse do while Juliet gets married to Romeo? she must gather cords and have a rope ladder built so that Romeo may enter Juliet’s bedroom that night after they get married
what does the nurse mean by the comment, “I am the drudge and toil in your delight / but you shall bear the burden soon at night.” Juliet will have to sleep with Romeo, and this may not be so pleasant for her because it is her first time. This is important to the play because it shows how inexperienced Juliet is with the world, a fact that contributes to the ultimate tragedy of the play.
what is the double meaning of the word violence in the quote, “These violent delights have violent ends”, which Friar Laurence says at the time of the marriage? Friar Laurence is warning Romeo and Juliet that rash action(violent=rash,quick) often causes serious problems(violent=death)
what is the meaning of this warning by the friar to the young couple?”Therefore love moderately; long love doth so;Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow.” He warns them that quick, unconsidered love can burn out quickly. They must be careful, and not so quick, so that their love, and lives, will last a long time. “Haste makes waste.”
how does Mercutio criticize Benvolio’s apparent desire for peace? Mercutio points out that Benvolio likes to fight as much as anyone. Benvolio has been known to fight for the smallest reasons. Benvolio talks about wanting peace, but perhaps he is a hypocrite, wanting to appear peaceful when he is truly violent like the rest.
knowing that Tybalt wants to fight(and kill) Romeo, what does Mercutio do? he challenges Tybalt to a fight.
when Tybalt challenges Romeo, how does Romeo respond to his challenge? Romeo tries very hard to convince Tybalt that they needn’t fight. He tells him that he loves him (because Juliet is his wife, though he doesn’t say so…), and that he never did anything wrong to Tybalt.
what crime does Tybalt commit, and why is this especially hateful for Tybalt? Tybalt kills Mercutio by stabbing him under Romeo’s arm, which is holding Mercutio back. This is disgraceful because Tybalt cheated- stabbing Mercutio when Mercutio couldn’t fight back.
as Mercutio is dying, what foreboding thing does he say to Romeo that casts a dark light on the rest of the play? he says, “A plague o’er both your houses!”, cursing both families, which contributes to the ultimate tragedy that both families suffer for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.
Tybalt soon returns(possibly to comfort Romeo). What happens to Tybalt? Romeo feel that God, fate, and destiny are all working against him, making do things that will surely prevent him from being together with Juliet in happiness. It illustrates the idea that Romeo feels he is a victim of fate, and/or a victim of the crimes of family in the war against the Capulets
Lady Capulet demands Romeo be killed for Tybalt’s death. This proves that people’s hate continues the tragedy. the one death, caused by hate, causes another death, which creates more hate, and more death. How does the Prince react to Lady Capulet’s demand, and what is his sentence for Romeo? The prince decides that killing Romeo will only continue the cycle of hate and death, which will bring more murder later. He decides to exile Romeo from Verona, rather than put him to death, as he had promised to do if the families ever disturbed the peace again.
What is Juliet waiting for at the beginning of the scene? she is waiting for Romeo to come back to her to celebrate their marriage.
what news does the nurse bring Juliet? that Romeo has killed Tybalt
romeo is at first upset, then happy. Why? Juliet mourns Tybalt, but knows that he would’ve killed Romeo. She is happy that Romeo is still alive.
how does the nurse feel about tybalt when he was alive? she felt that he was her best friend
what news does the friar deliver to Romeo, hiding in the church? that Romeo is not to be killed, but banished from Verona
what surprising reaction does Romeo have to this news? that he would rather be killed than banished, cause it means that he will have to live without Juliet.
why does Friar Laurence get angry with Romeo at this point? because Romeo is not appreciative of the Prince’s mercy at not killing him.
what are the 3 blessings that the friar tells Romeo he should be thankful for? Juliet is alive, Tybalt(who wanted to kill Romeo) is dead, and Romeo will not be put to death for Tybalt’s death
what does Friar Laurence suggest romeo do to pass the time and not feel so bad? go to Mantua, and wait while Laurence gets the families together, and convinces the Prince to forgive Romeo and allow him to come back
why does Capulet decide to allow Paris to marry Juliet, regardless of Juliet’s feelings, and in such a short time? Capulet is liable for punishment because Tybalt started the fight that ended in Mercutio’s death. Making Juliet marry Paris would bring the Capulets into the Prince’s family, and likely help Capulet get out of trouble with the Prince
what does this change of heart say about capulet’s character? Capulet shows that Juliet’s feelings and happiness are less important than Capulet’s business. Capulet is prepared to sacrifice his daughter’d life in order to get himself out of trouble. Like Lady Capulet, he sees Juliet as a duty, not necessarily as a daughter to love and cherish.
how does Capulet assure Paris that Juliet will agree to marry him? Capulet believes he can force her simply through authority.
what must Romeo do as the morning comes? he must flee Verona in accordance with the Prince’s sentence of banishment.
what important piece of information does Juliet learn about the Capulets’ plans for Romeo, who has left for Mantua? that the Capulets are sending someone to kill Romeo
what is Lady Capulets attitude toward Juliet after Juliet refuses to marry Paris? she is angry with her, and she doesn’t want to speak to her. This shows that Lady Capulet is very much interested in her own needs, not her daughter’s. Juliet is only a tool to get her parents out of trouble.
Whtat does Capulet say to Juliet about what will happen if she does not marry Paris? Capulet will drag her down to the church and force her. If she still refuses, he will kick her out and never help her, even if she dies.
who is the first to jump to Juliet’s aid against her father? Why? The nurse, cause she cares for Juliet like a real mother.
after Juliet’s mother turns her back on her, the nurse suggests a course of action to Juliet that the nurse thinks will solve the problem. What is this suggestion? That Juliet should Marry Paris, cause the Capulets’ secret killer will soon kill Romeo, and Paris will be a good husband.
what does Juliet vow to do at the end of the scene? find the friar and get a solution from him, or kill herself.
what does the friar think of Paris’ marriage to Juliet, when Paris admits that he doesn’t even know Juliet wants to marry him? The friar is strongly against it (also,because he knows that Juliet is already married)
Paris shows us a side of his personality that we haven’t seen before as he discusses the upcoming “marriage” with Juliet in the church. What is this new side to Paris’ personality? Paris confidently warns Juliet he will marry her no matter what she thinks, and that she “belongs “to him. we see a little of Capulet in Paris, thinking of Juliet more as property than as a person. This helps us to believe that Romeo really is the best man for Juliet.
what is the plan that Friar Laurence has for Juliet to escape the forced marriage to Paris? That friar is excellent at making medicines, which is seen earlier in the play. He will give Juliet a special potion that will make her seem dead for about 2 days. Her family will think she is dead, and place her in the Capulet vault (where Tybalt also is). She will wake up after they are gone. In the meantime, Laurence will send a message to Romeo, telling him about this. Romeo will return to Verona and greet Juliet when she awakes. Then, the friar can get them to safety together.
what act does Juliet put on when she returns to her home and father? she pretends to have changed her mind about the wedding and to have given in to her father. She acts happy, as if she wants to marry Paris.
How does Capulet receive this new attitude in Juliet? What does this confirm about his personality? he is suddenly happy again to have gotten his own way. It confirms that Capulet is under a lot of pressure, and when pressed, he serves his own needs above anyone’s, including Juliet’s.
what temporary suspicion does Juliet have about the friar before taking the potion? she wonders if the potion will kill her, and if the friar might want her dead to cover up the fact that he married her and Romeo in secret, against the wishes of her powerful family.
what preparation does she make in case the potion doesn’t work? she lays a dagger near her bed with which to kill herself if the potion doesn’t work.

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