Romeo and Juliet

Dreamers often lie Mercutio
She has not seen fourteen years, stuff about a bride Capulet
By giving liberty on to thee eyes examine other beauties Benvolio
Then high you hence to frair lawance sell to make you a wife Nurse
I look to like by no more than look Juliet
Sin from my lips give me my sin again Romeo
What drawn a talk to peace I hate the word Tybalt
No sir I do not bite my thumb at you sir but I do bite my thumb Sampson
These violent delights will have violent ends Frair
What’s in a name Juliet
On then I see queen Mercutio
Oh I am slane I am merciful lay me with Juliet Paris
Ask me tomorrow and you should find a man Mercutio
Never was a story of for woe of Juliet and her Romeo Prince
Shakespeare’s twins names Hamnet and Judith
Birthday April 23,1564
Wife and his age She was 26 and pregant and he was 18
Wife’s name Anne Hathaway
Tombstone summery Do not destribe this grave or bad thing woll happen to you
How many plays 37
How many sonnets Over 150
Wherefore means Why
Describe Sampson Capulets servent
Describe bathazard Montagues servent
Why did the nurse and Juliet lose their trust The nurse said the marry paris instead of romeo
Dramatic irony from act 4 scene 5 Every one think juliet is dead but she is not
Where does the apothecary live Mautua
Why can benvoil be a foil of mercutio Benvoil is easy going and mercutio wants to fight
Who did Romeo send a letter too His dad
Who tells Romeo the Juliet is dead Balthazard
What’s the most to blame for the tragedy Faite
What did Shakespeare leave his wife His second best bed
What does woe mean Sadness
Who is the nephew of lady capulet Tybalt
Who is the hot headed friend of Romeo Mercurtio
Purpose of prologue To say the Juliet is a capulet and that Romeo is a montague
Best describes romeo Impulsive
A comment made to the audience that other characters will not hear Aside
Why does frair think that Juliet is brave enough to take the poison She is willing to die
Where did Shakespeare grow up Stratford-Upon-Avon
Why did Juliet kill herself when she woke up Because Romeo was dead
Who is the peace keeper Benvolio
How many lines does a sonnet have 14
What is the term when a character by himself tells the audience his thoughts/feelings Soliloquy
What is the term when the audience knows something but the characters do not Dramatic irony
A character in the play who speaks a long speech Monologue
Opposing or contrasting characters Foil
Who does Romeo tell secrets to Frair
Who has permission to marry Juliet Paris
Who is the failed deliverer Frair John
In the orchard Romeo discovers Juliet Talking about Romeo on the balcony
Why did tybalt challenge Romeo Romeo went to a capulet party
Who killed mercurtio Tybalt
Where does the play take place Verona
If the feud continues what would happen People would die
Who did Romeo kill Tybalt
Why does frair marry Romeo and Juliet He thinks it would stop the feud
Where did Shakespeare perform The globe

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