Romeo and Juliet

Where is the play set? (city, country) Verona, Italy
What ends the strife (hatred) between the two households? the strife between the two households end when Romeo and Juliet Dies.
How long is the play 2 hours traffic
A:1 S:1 pernicious deadly
A:1 S:1 augmenting adding to
A:1 S:1 portentous ominous
A1 S1 importuned pressed, questioned
A1 S1 shrift confession
A1 S1 propagate increase
A1 S1 gall bitterness
If someone bit his thumb at you as you walked down the streets of Verona, what would you do? It’s an insult, so you might defend yourself or insult him back.
If you were playing Abram, what two words would you emphasize in line 47? at us
Why does Gregory advise Sampson to say “better” in line 59? Whom does he see approaching? (This is a little tricky. Remember who is on whose “team.”) Tybalt
Does Benvolio participate in or try to stop the fight between the servants of the Capulet and Montague households? He tries to stop it
In line 81, to whom does Montague say, “Hold me not, let me go”? Lady Montague
What makes the hissing noise in line 114? The wind as tybalt brandishes his sword
To what is Benvolio referring when he says “more and more” came in line 116? people
What does Romeo say is bothering him in line 173? He is in love, but she (Rosaline) does not return his love.
What does Cupid wear, in additional to something that is a bit diaper-like? (See line 176.) His “view is muffled” meaning Cupid is blindfolded.
What might Romeo see that prompts him to say, “O me! What fray was here (178)? Some sign of the street brawl such as injured people, or knocked over street carts.
How does Rosaline feel about Romeo? It’s not that she has anything against him personally, but she has taken a vow of chastity, meaning that she will live a pure life as a virgin.
Quote the line in which Benvolio gives Romeo advice about how to put Rosaline out of his head. Line 235 “By giving liberty unto thine eyes/Examine other beauties.”
How old is Juliet? 13, almost 14
Does Juliet have any brothers or sisters? no, they have died. “Earth hath swallowed all my hopes but she” (1,2, 14).
What does Capulet tell Paris to do at the party? Look at other beautiful women to see how Juliet compares
Capulet’s servant will have trouble inviting the guests on the list because: because he does not know how to read the list
What is Mercutio’s brother’s name? Valentine
How is Rosaline related to Capulet? Niece
What reason does Romeo give for agreeing to go to the party? (107-8) so he can go see rosoline
A1 S3 Fortnight 2 weeks
A1 S3 left stopped
A1 S3 Ay yes
A1 S3 stays awaits you
Who is Susan? The nurse’s daugther
What was tiny toddler Juliet’s reply when the Nurse’s husband said, “Thou wilt fall backward when thou has more wit,/Wilt thou not Jule?” Ay, meaning yes, I will!
About how old is Lady Capulet, Juliet’s mother? 26
What extended metaphor is used to describe Paris in lines 87-100? What words contribute to that metaphor? A book. Unbound, cover, story
You can tell from the Nurses’ lines, “Women grow by men (101),” and “Go, girl, seek happy nights to happy days (113),” that her mind is on _________. sex
A1 S4 lath thin wood
A1 S4 visage face
A1 S4 “Idle hands of maidens breed maggots” nasty worms
List three pairs of words that are used in puns in lines 14-22. Sole, soul, sore, soar, bound, bound
Quote a line that shows how Romeo feels about crashing the Capulets’ party. Lines 50-51 “And we mean well in going to this masque,/But ’tis no wit to go.
What effect does Queen Mab have on the people she visits? Most of them dream of the things they desire. Many of them want love or money. Mercutio presents a rather cynical view of humans in this speech.
What is Romeo saying in his last speech in this scene? (113-120) I’m having a bit of a premonition. I have a bad feeling about going to this party, as I feel that it may set off a chain of events that could bring about my early death. But, let God control my destiny.
A1 S5 nuptial wedding
a1 S5 Wherefore WHy
A1 S5 disparagement belittlement
A1 S5 profane lower what is sacred
A1 S5 waxes becomes
What is a visor? A mask
How does Capulet feel about the arrival of the uninvited maskers? He welcomes them and says it’s kind of a nice surprise to have them there. The more, the merrier!
What is Capulet’s opinion of Romeo? Line 75 – He carries himself well and has a good reputation in Verona.
Romeo: pilgrim :: Juliet : ______________________________(Romeo is to pilgrim as Juliet is to . . .) saint
What prompts Romeo’s second kiss? He wants to take his sin back from Juliet
If someone told you, “You kiss by the book (122),” would you be flattered or insulted? flattered
Paraphrase, “I tell you, he that can lay hold of her/Shall have the chinks” (129-130). He that marries her will be marrying well because she is wealthy. (“The chinks” is the sound of jingling money.)
means ways
What is lying in its deathbed, according to line 1? Old desire for Rosaline
Paraphrase line 1, “He jests at scars that never felt a wound.” Mercutio makes fun of me when he himself has never felt true love (the wound of Cupid’s arrow.)
Paraphrase the very famous line 36. Remember, you need to get this right to graduate from 9th grade! Oh, Romeo, Romeo, why do you have to be Romeo and a Montague?
Paraphrase the following: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose/By any other name would smell as sweet” (46-7). What do names mean? They are irrelevant. No matter what name we chose for a rose, it would still smell as sweet as it does. The name would not change the essence of the thing itself.
If you were playing Juliet, what emotion might you demonstrate when Romeo speaks lines 53-55? Shock, surprise, and fear because she had no idea that he was down there.
To whom is Juliet speaking in lines 143-144? The nurse
Why does Juliet call Romeo back? To find out what time to send a messenger to him in the morning. She also says she has forgotten why she called him back.
Romeo says, “Sleep dwell upon thine eyes, peace in thy breast!” He then wishes that he were ___________________ and __________________. sleep and peace
About what time is it at the beginning of this scene? almost sunrise
Friar Lawrence believes that either Romeo has arisen early because something is bothering him, or he never went to bed at all. Which is the case? he never went to bed at all
“With Rosaline, my ghostly father? No./I have forgot that name and that name’s woe(48-49),” is an example of a rhyming : couplet
Why do you think Shakespeare uses rhyme in this scene? To show Romeo’s joy and light heart. Perhaps also to show the strong connection between Romeo and Friar Lawrence.
You are the Friar. In one sentence, tell Romeo what you think about his new-found love. I think you have jumped too quickly from one woman to another. I think you are attracted to women simply based on their looks. But, I will help you and agree to perform the marriage because perhaps this union will end the feud between your two families.
Mercutio believes that Romeo is still madly in love with ______________ Rosaline
When Mercutio sees Juliet’s Nurse, he makes fun of her by saying that resembles a ship
Where and when will Romeo and Juliet’s wedding take place? That afternoon at Friar Lawrence’s cell.
What will the rope ladder be used for? Romeo will use it to climb up to Juliet’s window for their “honeymoon.”
Paraphrase, “Two may keep council, putting one away” (200). The only way that two people can keep a secret is if you get rid of one of them.
T or F Benvolio has shown himself to be a peacekeeper, rather than a quarreler as Mercutio describes him. true
If you were playing Mercutio, in what tone of voice would you deliver line 60, “Your worship in that sense may call him ‘man.'”? Sarcastic when he calls Tybalt “your worship.” Insulted when he says “man” because that it is term that would be used for a servant. Mercutio is saying, “Tybalt, you better not be referring to my friend Romeo as your servant.”
How do you think Tybalt feels about having killed Mercutio? Bad, guilty. He had no intention of doing so. It was just a duel for honor that went wrong.
Explain Mercutio’s pun on “grave” in line 102. (Look up the different meanings of the word if necessary.) Bad, guilty. He had no intention of doing so. It was just a duel for honor that went wrong.
Which of the following lines illustrates Romeo’s feeling of not controlling his own fate? “O, I am fortune’s fool” (142)!
1. Complete Juliet’s simile. “So tedious is this day as is _____________________________________________________________________________________ the night before some festival/To an impatient child that hath new robes/And may not wear them” (3,2, 30-33).
In lines 79-91, Juliet reacts to the news that Romeo has killed Tybalt . How does she feel about Romeo at this point? Time is passing at a snail’s pace for Juliet because she is so excited to be with Romeo for their honeymoon. She is as eager as a child who wishes to dress up for a special occasion.
What word was “worser than Tybalt’s death?” (119) Banishment
T or F? The Friar agrees with Romeo that banishment is an even more cruel punishment than death. false
The friar’s lines 156-159 are reminiscent of what wand-waving storybook character? Cinderella’s fairy godmother.
Paraphrase Romeo’s farewell in lines 184-186. It is very hard for me to part from you, Friar Lawrence. I only do so to be with my “joy past joy,” Juliet.
Paris tells us that it is now Monday. On what day of the week did the play begin? sunday
Capulet says they will have a small number of wedding guests because: Tybalt has just died and it will seem as if they did not love him and value his life if they have a big wedding celebration.
Nightingale : night ::____________________ : morning lark
Which lines (you can give the numbers) foreshadow the conditions under which Romeo and Juliet will next meet? 55-58 J has a vision of R dead in the bottom of a tomb. He sees her looking pale as well
The scene between Lady Capulet and Juliet is an example of: dramtic irony
List the numbers of the lines that Lady Capulet and the audience interpret differently. 77, 80, 87-88, 90-91, 98-107 – pretty much everything that Juliet says! Isn’t this clever writing?!
To what does Capulet compare Juliet? Eyes = Body=Sighs = sea, a boat, winds
Do you think Capulet’s tirade is justified? Why or why not? He is furious because he has arranged a very advantageous marriage and Juliet is disobeying him.
What advice does the nurse give Juliet? to marry paris
How does this advice affect their relationship? It ends it. Juliet feels that she can no longer trust the Nurse, and now turns to Friar Lawrence for help.
If you were the friar, what thoughts would be running through your mind when Paris informs you that he and Juliet are to be married on Thursday? This is not good. I just married J to R. I can’t marry her again to Paris!
List all 6 things that Juliet says she will do before she will be disloyal to Romeo by marrying Paris. Jump off a towerWalk in thievish ways (dangerous areas)Lurk where serpents areBe chained with roaring bearsBe put in a charnel house with dead men’s bonesBe put in a new-made grave with a dead man
If you were holding a bottle of FRIAR LAWRENCE’S MIRACLE POTION, what would the warning label say? WARNING! The effects of this potion if swallowed are as follows: You will have no pulse, no warmth, no breath. Your cheeks and lips will be pale. Your eyes will close. Your body will be cold and stiff. You will stay this way for 42 hours (she actually wakes up sooner than this), and then you will awaken and feel as if you have had a pleasant sleep.
The wedding is moved up to what day? Wednesday
What are Juliet’s fears about the potion? (List 4) It will not work and she will have to marry ParisThe Friar may have given her poison that will kill her so that he doesn’t get in trouble for performing two marriages.Might wake before Romeo arrives and might suffocateMight go mad and play with her ancestors’ bones and bash out her own brains.
What is a mouse-hunt and who is/was a mouse-hunt? Someone who chases women. Lord Capulet was a mouse-hunt.
What does Friar Lawrence say to comfort Juliet’s family? You always wanted the best for Juliet, and she is in heaven now, so let that be a comfort to you.
What did Romeo dream? That Juliet found him dead in a tomb, kissed him, revived him, and he became an emperor.
What news does Balthasar bring to Romeo? That Juliet is dead. He saw her being carried to the Capulet tomb.
Why does Romeo believe that this particular apothecary will break Mantua’s law and sell him poison? Because he is very poor and needs the money.
Why couldn’t Friar John deliver the letter to Romeo? He and the Friar that he planned to travel with were quarantined after visiting with a person who had the plague or another illness that officials could not allow to spread.
What is Friar Lawrence’s “alternate plan B?” He’ll go get Juliet and keep her with him until he can get in touch with Romeo and have him come for her.
For what two reasons does Romeo tell Balthasar he is going to the tomb? To see Juliet and to take a ring from her finger (graverobber).
Why does Paris think Romeo has come to the tomb? to defile the bodies
T or F? Romeo admires Juliet’s beauty even though she is pale with death. Careful. This is another one of my trick questions. F – She is not pale with death because the potion is wearing off and she is about to wake up.
Why doesn’t Lady Montague go to the tomb? She is pale with death; she has died.
Who is Montague addressing in line 222? Romeo
How does the Prince react to the Friar’s story? Does he plan to punish the Friar? He says, “we have always known you to be a holy man,” so it sounds as if he will not punish him, but at line 319 he says, “some shall be pardoned,and some punished” so it is not completely clear that Friar Lawrence is in the clear. We’ll talk about whether you feel that particular characters are blameworthy.
A2 S2 discourages speaks
A2 S2 entreat requests
A2 S2 impute mistakenly attibuted
A2 S2 Anon coming, right away
A2 S2 rite refers to marriage here
A2 S2 hist! psst
A2 S2 would wish
A2 S3 ere before
A2 S3 rancor bitterness, anmosity
A2 S5 poultice soft cloth for healing
A3 S2 bier platform on which a body is placed before burial
A3 S3 sojourn a short stay
A3 S5 asunder apart
A4 S1 inundation flood
A4 S1 vial small container of liquids
A5 S1 penury poverty
A5 S3 flat along
A5 S3 felon criminal
A5 S3 interred buried
A5 S3 seplulcher a burial vault
A5 S3 thwarted prevented from happening
A5 S3 Pined yearned

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