Romeo and Juliet

Briefly explain what happened in Act III Scene I Benvolio and Mercutio were out walking and they encounter Tybalt and the Capulets. Tybalt wants to fight Romeo but he isn’t there so Mercutio wants to fight him instead. Romeo appears and says he cannot fight Tybalt so Mercutio and Tybalt fight instead and Mercutio is killed. Romeo kills Tybalt and is exiled by the Prince.
Why does Romeo refuse to fight Tybalt He had just married Juliet so they were cousins
Explain why the Prince only banishes Romeo and doesn’t kill him Mercutio is a relative of the Prince and Tybalt started the fight that killed him, so Romeo was only seeking revenge
Briefly explain what happened in Act III Scene II Juliet is excited but nervous about her wedding night. She knows nothing about what just happened between Romeo, Mercutio, and Tybalt. Nurse enters saying, “He’s dead!” And Juliet immediately thinks it’s Romeo. Nurse explains how Romeo killed Tybalt. Juliet is mad then ashamed of herself and the Nurse goes off to find Romeo
Explain Juliet’s feelings toward Romeo after she finds out Tybalt is dead At first she is mad at Romeo for killing her cousins but then realizes she should be happy Romeo is alive and that is Romeo hadn’t killed Tybalt Tybalt would have killed him. She is terrified about what is going to happen to Romeo
Briefly explain what happened in Act III Scene III Friar tells Romeo that he is only banished. Romeo says being banished is worse than death because he will be separated from Juliet. Nurse comes and tells how Juliet is doing and Romeo tries to kill himself in fear that she hates him. Friar scolds him saying that he should be happy he is alive and only banished and tells him to spend the night with Juliet but leave in the morning for Mantua and stay there until they can petition the Prince
Briefly explain what happened in Act III Scene IV Lord Capulet agrees to let Paris marry Juliet. Capulet decides the wedding should be Thursday
What might Lord Capulet’s reasons be for marry his daughter to County Paris To help lessen Juliet’s grief at “Tybalt’s death”To better his standing with the Prince by marrying his daughter to his relative
Briefly explain what happens in Act III Scene V Romeo and Juliet say good bye. Lady Capulet informs Juliet that she will be marrying Paris on Thursday. Juliet refuses and begs for more time. Lord Capulet is outraged and threatens to disown her if she doesn’t get married. Juliet appeals to her mother first and then her nurse for help but they both think she should marry Paris. She decides to ask friar Lawrence for help but if he can’t give any she will kill herself
How does Juliet respond to her engagemeng She is panicked and begs for more fine
What is the setting of Act III Scene I Early Monday afternoon, a public place
What is the setting of Act III Scene II Late Monday afternoon, a Capulet orchard
What is the setting of Act III Scene III Monday evening, Friar Lawrence’s cell
What is the setting of Act III Scene IV Late Monday night, a room in the Capulet house
What is the setting of Act III Scene V Early Tuesday morning, Capulet Orchard
Briefly explain Act IV Scene I Paris and Friar are discussing the upcoming wedding when Juliet arrives for “confession”. Paris and Juliet talk a little bit before he leaves. Friar gives Juliet a potion that will make her appear to be dead and tells her that if she is brave enough, she should take it Wednesday night and Romeo will come get her from the tomb 42 hours later when she awakes. In the meantime he will send a letter to Romeo and Juliet should beg forgiveness from her father and agree to the wedding
How do Paris and Juliet act when talking to one anothef Paris is polite and excited but Juliet is evasive
Briefly explain Act IV Scene II Everyone in the Capulet house is preparing for the wedding. Juliet apologizes to her father as Friar told her to do and agrees to the marriage. Capulet in his excitement moves the wedding to Wednesday
What is Lady Capulets reaction to the news that the date of the wedding has been changed She tells her husband that they need more time for the wedding and that he should keep it on Thursday
Briefly explain Act IV Scene III Juliet says her goodbyes to Nurse and Lady Capulet. As she is about to take the potion she expresses some of her fears. She then takes the potion
What are Juliet’s fears The potion will not work and she will be forced to marry ParisFriar is actually trying to kill her to cover his mistakesShe will wake up too early and be stuck in the tomb with all the dead bodies
Briefly explain Act IV Scene IV People are preparing for the wedding and Lord Capulet, Lady Capulet, and the Nurse all tease one another.
What is the point of Act IV Scene IV To show the passage of timeProvide comic reliefShows the moods of the charactefs
Who first finds Juliet dead and what is his/her reaction NurseShe is hysterical, keeps repeating that she’s dead and asks for alchohol
How do Lady and Lord Capulet respond to finding their daughter’s body They are devastated but more poetic. They express their grief in a more refined way than the nurse. They are more upset than you would think parents who just threatened to disown their child and wish she were dead would be
Who else sees Juliet’s “dead”body Paris and Friar Lawrence and the musicians who had come to get Juliet for the wedding
What does Friar Lawrence say to the Capulets They should be happy because their daughter is not in heavenHe tells them to put Rosemary on her because it symbolizes loyalty, remembrance, and love
At this point, who is the only person who knows what is going on Friar Lawrence
What is the setting of Act IV Scene I Tuesday morning, Friar Lawrence’s cell
What is the setting of Act IV Scene II Tuesday afternoon/evening, hall in Capulet hosue
What is the setting of Act IV Scene III Tuesday night, Juliet’s chamber
What is the setting of Act IV Scene IV Early Wednesday morning, Hall of Capulet house
What is the setting of Act IV Scene V Wednesday morning, Juliet’s chamber
Briefly explain what happened in Act V Scene I Balthasar tells Romeo that Juliet is dead. Romeo buys poison and heads to Mantua.
What was Romeo’s dream about in Act V Scene I Juliet had found him dead but brought him back to life with a kiss
Why would the apothecary sell the poison to Romeo even though it was illegal He was poor and desperately needed the money
Briefly explain what happened in Act V Scene II Friar Lawrence welcomes Friar John back from Mantua but learns he was unable to deliver the letter because he had been quarantined. Friar Lawrence plans to go get Juliet himself
Briefly explain what happens right before Romeo kills himself Paris is visiting Juliet’s grace with flowers when Romeo and Balthasar appear. Romeo gives Balthasar a letter for his father and enters the monument and doesn’t know Paris is there but Paris thinks Romeo is there to disrespect the grave. Paris tries to stop Romeo and Romeo kills him. Romeo sees Tybalt and explains the best thing he can do to make up for the murder is to kill himself. He says good bye and takes the poison. He dies after kissing Juliet.
How and why did Juliet kill herself Juliet awakes right after Friar enters the monument and finds Romeo dead. He tries to get hr to leave and go to a convent with him but she refuses. They can hear the watchmen coming so he runs and she stays. Juliet finds the poison Romeo used but there is none left. She kisses him to try and ingest some of the poison. Right before the watchman enters she stabs herself with Romeo’s dagger
What happens once Romeo, Paris, and Juliet are found The watchmen fetch the Prince. Capulet sees his daughter and blames Romeo. Montegue tells us that his wife died of grief. Th friar steps forward and explains he story and his role in it. Balthasar is then brought forward and gives Romeo’s letter to the Prince which explains everythinf
What are the three letters written in the play Tybalt’s letter to RomeoFriar’s letter to RomeoRomeo’s suicide note
How do Capulet and Montegue reconcile Capulet gives Montegue Juliet’s marriage settlement Montegue promises to commission a statue of JulietThey realize that their feud is what killed their children
Monologue long one person speech heard by other characters
Soliloquy a speech that a character makes while alone of stage or when no one else on stage is supposed to be listening
Aside a remark that a character says in an undertone to the audience or to another character that everyone else on stage is not supposed to hear
oxymoron contradictory statement used to express a character’s confusion
foil a character who provides a contrast to another character
allusion reference to a well known person, place, event, literary work, or work of art
dramatic irony the contrast between what the character thinks is happening and what the audience knows is happening
pun play on words, humorous use of words with multiple meanings (come from lower levels of society, coarser and improper)
comic relief a technique used to interrupt a serious part of a literary work by introducing a humorous character or situation
When is the climax Act 3 when Tybalt kills Mercutio and Romeo kills Tybalt
Give an example of a monologue The Queen Mab monologue by Mercutio
Give an example of a soliloquy Act IV Scene iii when Juliet is about to take the potion
Give an example of an aside Act IV Scene i when Friar says he wishes he didn’t know why Paris and Juliet should not be married
Give an example of the use of an oxymoron Act I Scene i when Romeo tells Benvolio about his love for Rosaline, “O brawling love, O loving hate…, O heavy lightness”
Give an example of foils Nurse is a foil to Lady Capulet
Give an example of an allusion Tybalt is called the Prince of Cats
Give an example of dramatic irony when the audience knows Juliet is not really dead but Romeo and everyone except for Friar Laurence think she is
Give an example of comic relief Juliet’s body has just been discovered and the musicians pun with one another
What does the prologue of Act I explain there were 2 families of equal standing with a long lasting feud and two lovers killed themselves because of it and only once they are dead do their families stop fighting
What happens in Act I Scene I servants from the house of Montegue joke with one another but then encounter the Capulets. They get in a fight and Benvolio tries to stop it. Tybalt attacks Benvolio and a brawl ensues. The Prince stops the fight and we learn that Romeo is upset. Benvolio discovers that he is upset because he is in love with a woman who does not love him back
What happens in Act I Scene II Paris wants to marry Juliet but Lord Capulet says she is too young. A servant is sent out to invite people to Capulet’s party but cannot read so he asks Romeo to read the names for him. Romeo and Benvolio decide to go because Rosaline will be there and Romeo will be able to see that she is not the prettiest woman in Verona
What happens in Act I Scene III Nurse, Lady Capulet, and Juliet discuss her marriage. Lady Capulet tells Juliet that Paris is interested in Juliet and Juliet agrees to consider him but take the relationship no further than her parents wish her to
What happens in Act I Scene IV Mercutio, Romeo, and Benvolio walk to the party. Romeo and Mercutio argue about dreams and love. Right before entering the party Romeo mentions that he feels as if something will begin that will result in the death of someone he hates and loves.
What happens in Act I Scene V The servants are getting ready for the party. Lord Capulet welcomes the guests. Romeo sees Juliet and forgets about Rosaline. Tybalt sees Romeo and wants to fight but Lord Capulet forbids him from doing so. Romeo and Juliet meet and talk. They both find out who the other is.
Explain what the Prologue of Act II says Romeo no longer cares about Rosaline but loves Juliet. They would die from one another but may never be able to truly be together because they are enemies. Juliet loves Romeo as much as he loves her but it would be difficult for her to find a way to see him. Their love for one another is strong enough to make it through all of that though
What happens in Act II Scene I Romeo decides he cannot leave where Juliet is and climbs over the orchard walls. Mercutio and Benvolio look for him but then go home
What happens in Act II Scene II He hears Juliet profess her love for him when she doesn’t know he is there. She talks about how his name means nothing. Romeo makes himself known and professes his love for her as well. At first Juliet is hesitant to move forward but by the time Romeo leaves he promises to let her know the next day when their wedding will be.
What happens in Act II Scene III Romeo visits Friar Laurence who is collecting plants and talking about good and bad. Friar knows about Rosaline and Romeo explains to him about Juliet. Friar cautions him against acting too quickly but in the end agrees to marry them in the hopes of ending the feud
What happens in Act II Scene IV Tybalt sent a letter to Romeo but he doesn’t get it. Romeo and Mercutio make fun of one another. Nurse enters and Mercutio makes fun of her. Nurse warns him not to hurt Juliet. Romeo tells her to tell Juliet to come to confession that afternoon and they will be married and Romeo will sneak into her room that night.
What happens in Act II Scene V Juliet is anxious because its been 3 hours and Nurse has still not returned. When she does she evades giving Juliet the news. Eventually Nurse tells her that if she goes to confession she will be married
Act II Scene VI Friar and Romeo are talking and Friar hopes that they will not regret this.

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